WVSP-Attempted Murder By Anonymous Officer – Sketchy Details Prevail

Wanted man shot in head by trooper

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Clendenin man whom police had been seeking for a week was shot in the head and critically wounded by a state trooper as the man drove his car toward the officer.

Troopers late Monday saw the man sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot near the intersection of Ambler Ridge Road and U.S. 119 near Walton in Roane County, according to a press release from Sgt. Ken McCord.

They said they recognized the man as a suspect for whom they had obtained arrest warrants related to an incident last week.

Troopers pulled into the lot and asked the man to exit his vehicle, McCord said.

The suspect ignored the request and began to pull his vehicle out of the parking lot, striking the cruiser and driving toward one of the troopers, according to the press release.

“The officer used his service weapon and fired at least one shot to stop the suspect from coming any closer,” McCord said. “One of the shots struck the suspect in the head.”

The man, who was not identified in the news release, was pulled from the vehicle by troopers, who began to perform first aid and called for an ambulance, the release said.

He was taken by helicopter to Charleston Area Medical Center’s General Hospital, where he was in critical condition today, police said.

No troopers were injured during the incident.

The warrants had been obtained after a man fled into the woods after being stopped by troopers last Wednesday.

Troopers had received a report of an SUV driving erratically when they spotted the vehicle and followed it to Kieffer Fork Road in Clendenin. They began following the vehicle and tried to pull it over. The driver, whom they later identified as Stephen Krein, 19, of Clendenin, refused to stop and nearly hit two troopers while trying to get away.

Troopers said Krein stopped only after a shot had been fired at the SUV’s tire and he then fled into the woods on foot. Three passengers in the SUV also tried to flee but were apprehended and arrested.

State Police said they wouldn’t release the name of the suspect who was shot until his family members had been notified.

However, Stephen Krein was listed in critical condition this morning at CAMC General.

The suspect’s vehicle was towed to the State Police lab Monday night for processing, and the scene was investigated by the crime response team.


Another shooting of a suspect by WVSP, this time in Roane County.

A thorough investigation of news stories from various mainstream sources about this shooting reveals an awful lot of cutting and pasting going on. Most news articles refer to the “spokesperson”, who is a police officer. So, all the media is reporting so far is the story as told by the State Police.

This area is already plagued with police corruption and only a year ago another man was shot and killed by officers in what can only be described as an execution cover-up in Roane County.

“The officer used his service weapon and fired at least one shot to stop the suspect from coming any closer,” McCord said. “One of the shots struck the suspect in the head.”
At least one? Gee, that’s a safe statement. Then “one of the shots…”. I see. We are obviously being lied to again. That is impossible to deny with statements like that. What about holes in the window? What about shell casings? Can anyone count? What about witnesses?
Now, why would they lie? And absolutely NO mention of the name of the actual officer who did the shooting.
Think about this. State Troopers usually travel in pairs. So, two cops walk up to a PARKED car. They “recognize” the guy and figure he might be trouble. In that case, one cop probably walked up to each window of the vehicle. The guy takes off from a dead stop. He hits the cruiser, probably because it’s parked in front of his vehicle to block it into a parking lot the size of my kitchen. What did the trooper do, jump in front of the guy’s vehicle after he hit the cruiser??? That’s a right small parking area for all that alleged manuvering to be going on. Why not shoot his tires? They say he stopped and got out and ran the last time they tried that. Not exactly a huge threat to life and limb. More likely a drunk coward. And not known to be armed and dangerous, apparently.
I think it would be appropriate for some enterprising INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST to check this story out. We, as citizens who feel unsafe in the presence of certain West Virginia State Troopers, want and deserve to know the shooter’s NAME, and the actual FACTS and DETAILS of this shooting. As usual, any readers with inside info are welcome to respond.
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  1. UPDATE 12-5-08

    Man shot in head by troopers may not ‘come out of this,’ wife says State Police spokesman provides more detailed explanation of events surrounding shooting
    By Ashley B. Craig
    Daily Mail staff
    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A State Police sergeant has provided details of events leading to the shooting of a Clendenin man by a trooper who was trying to arrest him on outstanding warrants.
    The man, Stephen Krein, 19, of Kelly Hill Road, today remained on a ventilator in critical condition at a Charleston hospital.
    Megan Krein, his wife, said Tuesday that doctors “don’t expect him to come out of this.”
    The two troopers who were at the scene have the next few days off. They may be placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, said Sgt. K.G. McCord. The decision will be made when they return to duty.
    Troopers J.J. Price and W.S. Snyder of Kanawha County were following a lead on Krein’s whereabouts Monday night when they spotted him in a white Chevrolet Silverado in the parking lot of Huffman’s Country Store near the intersection of U.S. 119 and Ambler Ridge Road.
    The man had been wanted by troopers since his last encounter with them Nov. 25, when he nearly ran over McCord in Clendenin after officers tried to stop him.
    McCord said the troopers on Monday knew the vehicle was one used by Krein and after approaching the truck they identified him as the man they were looking for.
    There were multiple warrants for Klein’s arrest, including charges stemming from last week’s incident.
    Troopers had been on the lookout for him the night of Nov. 25 after dispatchers informed them of a maroon Dodge Durango driving recklessly and running a woman off the road in Clendenin.
    “That was his mentality: to go out and cause havoc,” McCord said.
    McCord and Cpl. P. Mooney spotted the SUV and followed it to Kieffer Fork Road in the Clendenin area, where a dead end should have ended the chase. But Krein turned the SUV around and nearly hit McCord in the process.
    Krein then backed the SUV at a high rate of speed toward Mooney, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court.
    Mooney fired five shots into the rear tire of the SUV, slowing it down, troopers say. The Durango came to a stop about 500 yards away. When troopers approached it, the engine was running and no one was inside.
    Krein wouldn’t be found that night. Three passengers also ran but were apprehended. They were identified as Natasha Marie Ray, 18, and Alisa Ann Root, 21, both of Walton, and Joshua Benjamin Shafer, 23, of Elkview. They were arrested and charged with fleeing and obstruction.
    Krein already faced charges stemming from prior incidents. The incident that night caused warrants to be issued against him for fleeing; obstruction; assault and battery of a police officer; reckless driving; driving with no license plate, no insurance and no headlights; driving with a license revoked for driving under the influence and violation of bond.
    Troopers say they had talked to relatives of Krein since the Nov. 25 incident and asked them to talk to him about turning himself in. Family members reported that he wouldn’t do so, McCord said.
    Price and Snyder asked Krein to get out of the truck Monday night in front of the country store, but he refused.
    Instead he drove forward and struck the passenger side of Price’s patrol car. He then put the truck in reverse and struck one of the store’s gas pumps, causing minor damage.
    McCord said that’s when the incident escalated. Krein was not just evading arrest, but also trying to cause harm with a deadly weapon, his truck, the sergeant said.
    The troopers were faced with a tough decision, but their goal was to protect the people in and around Huffman’s Country Store and others in the area, he said.
    “He knew he was going to have to run over a trooper to get out of there,” McCord said of Krein.


    Yup. Judge, jury, executioner.

    Notice they were BOTH (didn’t I say there were two?)
    given time off and may be put on administrative leave.

    “”The two troopers who were at the scene have the next few days off. They may be placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, said Sgt. K.G. McCord. The decision will be made when they return to duty.””

    This seems to be common practice when an officer shoots someone. But there were TWO officers present. “At least one shot was fired”… Then WHY are BOTH officers getting time off??? This is the proof that there are lies being told about this incident!

    “”Price and Snyder asked Krein to get out of the truck Monday night in front of the country store, but he refused.””
    So, they BOTH walked up to the truck and were close enough to it to ASK the guy to get out. I see no mention of the guy FLOORING his gas pedal to get away. He pulled forward from a STOP, then put it in REVERSE and hit a gas pump, most likely NOT on purpose because if it would have been on purpose, he would have done more damage.
    We also see no more mention of the guy trying to hit one of these two troopers. Only the statement “”The troopers were faced with a tough decision, but their goal was to protect the people in and around Huffman’s Country Store and others in the area, he said.
    “He knew he was going to have to run over a trooper to get out of there,” McCord said of Krein.””

    So, a “tough decision” which would NOT have been described as such if the guy actually DID TRY to run over a trooper at that time. And now we see that the troopers in question fancy themselves as mind readers as well. Shoot him BEFORE he has a chance to act upon what they KNOW he was thinking…

    Calhoununderground writers were RIGHT about the situation. Two cops, cruiser blocking the subject in, subject’s vehicle was PARKED. Those cops simply shot the subject because they thought it was the easiest thing to do.

    Troopers J.J. Price and W.S. Snyder of Kanawha County.
    Remember these names.

    • I have known Megan Krein for a few years now….. According to what Megan told me personally, the Trooper that shot her husband….. had a little bit of an interest in the situation before hand. Megan said that her and Stephen had been having issues with their marriage and that the State Police were called to intervine. Amazingly the State Trooper was so concerned about her wellbeing that he asked her out. After the Trooper shot Stephen and put him in coma, her and the Trooper began dating each other. Just how messed up is that situation? When people who are not familiar with the situation ask Megan about whether or not she has been married before she always tells them no. Somehow she forgets about her current husband….. There is so much more to this story and I wish I knew even more than what I do.

      • Whats even more funny is that people automatically seem to think that just because I was friends with a trooper that I was automatically “dating” him. Which is completely wrong..there wasnt ever anything like that going on..
        and why would i want to mention a peice of crap that beat around on me for a year.
        thats the reason he got himself into this trouble!!!

  2. Standard, run of the mill report stock when you have “policy enforcers” of statutes rather than the “serve and protect” orientation of peace officers.
    The big lie (they don’t really have any legal power over living beings) must be covered continually with other lies to scare, intimidate, and oppress the free man or woman at the point of a gun.
    Another sad chapter in the end times of a once great nation.

  3. ARNOLDSBURG – An Akron, Ohio, man was in jail Monday morning on charges of committing the first Calhoun County bank robbery in decades.

    Darin Stephen McClain, 25, was arrested in Akron Sunday and is awaiting extradition to West Virginia, said First Sgt. D.E. Fluharty, West Virginia State Police. Akron police made the arrest, he said.

    McClain is accused of entering the Arnoldsburg branch of the Calhoun Bank around 4 p.m. Friday and handing a note demanding cash to a teller.

    “There was never a gun seen, but there was a definite threat of harm,’ he said.

    The teller handed over an undisclosed amount of money and the suspect fled the scene, Fluharty said.

    Officers filed a description of the suspect in the National Crime Information Center, which led to the arrest in Akron, he said.

    Police are investigating other individuals as well who may have served in an accessory role. Fluharty said McClain was staying with friends in the area.

    “He was here with people he knew,’ Fluharty said.

    It was not clear whether McClain was a Calhoun native or had acquaintances in the county.

    Information Source: Parkersburg News

  4. I heard John Richards is meeting with reporters from the Charleston Gazette next week in regards to State Police falsely charging him with crimes in Calhoun, Gilmer and Wood County. The false charges stem from information Richards has regarding misconduct concerning state police and evidence at the Grantsville State Police Detachment.

  5. to the moronic idiot that posted about the shooting in roane county. state police do not ride 2 in a car. you were not there so you do not know what happened. once you have a day or two to get over the effects of you drug induced comments maybe you should spend a day or two in their shoes. dipshit

    • Wow. I am underwhelmed. I think many of us have seen 2 state troopers ride in a car together… So why make an issue over it? Is there an issue?

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