I wonder what would happen if…

So, vigilante-ism is alive and well in Calhoun County. Seems one of our illustrious citizens by last name of Ferrell(?) decided to take it upon himself to make a CITIZEN’S ARREST of a kid who he knew the cops were looking for. This law abiding citizen allegedly ran the kid off the road with his vehicle, pulled a gun out and held the suspect at gunpoint until the cops got there and hauled the kid away… S-H-double “T”!!! If you or I did that we’d go straight to Flatwoods! Wreckless driving, endangering a minor, brandishing a weapon, kidnapping maybe…
And all that over some missing fishing poles, or so the story goes.
But wait. So this means that anybody could simply grab anyone who they think the cops might want to talk to, and whip out their gun (guess you better have a concealed weapon permit!!!) and force them to wait for the cops… Law says as long as you deliver the “prisoner” to them within a half hour it’s OK…

This sort of sets a precedent for this county doesn’t it? Not every day someone could pull this off without being arrested themselves. This place could get a lot more interesting if folks begin to see how THIS works…


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  1. Great stuff! STILL laughin’ my ass off! Thanks for that, good to see vigilatieism is alive and well in Calhoun. Keep up the great stuff, and BTW, are we talkin’ Chris or Gary?? HHAA, Ha, Whoopee, gonna be a great 2009!

  2. PS- I give a course on how to tie a hangmans noose- Willyo, MYB Farm/Campground, Willyobikers Norman Ridge Newsletter
    “armed and dangerous, just try me!”

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