Letter To the Editor of the Hurherald

Ah, it pays to have the inside scoop. Looks like there are a few more waves in the pond. Anyone with their own stories? We’ll publish them anonymously if need be. As long as they are TRUE. Send ’em in.


Dear Editor,
This in response to your ongoing troubles with the WVSP and to those who
would dismiss the issue by claiming it is “just bad blood”.  I know first
hand of the incompetence within the Calhoun County State Police. My family
and myself have been victimized by the State Police under the direction of
Mr. Starcher and his ilk more than once over the years. The most recent
involving a search warrant obtained by Starcher using demonstrably false
information. The “probable cause” for the search warrant was entirely
fabricated, and the results of the search led to what can only be described
as baldfaced lies in statements to the media, with the case eventually
DISMISSED for lack of evidence. In this case, the issue was swept under the
rug and the “loss” of ALL evidence was never reported on to the media.  This
also led to a serious mental and health breakdown for my husband who suffers
from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe anxiety disorder when under
stressful situations. Which led to even more legal problems rather than a
doctors help.

Sure, people could say there is “just bad blood” between Starcher and myself
as well if you know the history. But ultimately the problem seems to be that
you have a person who was born and raised in Calhoun County, went to school
here, and now is a State Police officer here. He is familiar with just about
everyone and vice versa. This resembles to me something akin to “conflict of
interest” where people are simply too familiar with each other to  maintain
objectivity in critical situations. Any State Trooper needs specifically to
be ABOVE REPROACH in his actions in order to be effective and respected. I
feel that in these instances and circumstances that familiarity does indeed
breed contempt, and that it would serve the WVSP best interests to remove
him from this area all together, as there is far too much “bad blood”
floating around which would cause any State Trooper to be unable to actually
do his job properly.

I believe this is information that should be publicly known and so a copy of this letter has also been sent to the Calhoun Chronicle and the Times Record.

Patsy Buvoltz

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  1. Jan 1st 20011 a young clarksburg was charged with a massive injustice . i told the police i saw the driver of the dodge truck and it was not the man they where blaming the same man returnd to the area the very next day to claim evidence from the truck that could link him to the crime Whitch in most citys would be in a police impound yard not at the local tow yard Where by the way that man was taken by the Carlots to the truck without so much as askn his name Then proceeded to take things out without question I have pictures and sworn statements that were shown to the local police i was told and i quote they had there man I replied no positive id on the driver no eveidence was collectd and not one finger print taken Hmm i also was told first hand that it was intrapment as a local dipshit calld to report a prob. dui headed there way due to the fact that a young man had came into the store asked for diections then left because the the young man stated and i guote I am lost unquote that is led them to belive he was alone WELL i dont know how uall talk down there but if me and my family and my dog hoss are lost and im askn for directions in a redneck store with some dipshit staren you dwn like your gona steal something your not gonna tell them your lifestory or who got with you if your standing alone you refer to yourself as one person any other partys outside waitn are not referd to I mean come on if say that we are lost and your standing alone they look at you a little strange so with sercum stantical evidence at best and the only eyewhitness an older man who was in the store when the man enterd and calln the cops when the young man exited he could even tell the cops which side of the vehicle the young man got into due to the fact the truck was partd at the far end the parkn lot the Snitch came to the scene of the accident to id the young man that bought the beer then he was askd if he was the driver and if the man had noticeed if any one else with the suspect the snitch stated he could see the truk frm inside

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