Anonymous Tips, Taxes, and the Police State

Well, I’ve heard just about enough of this that it’s making my blood boil.

I already know first hand what horrors await the poor soul who perhaps has pissed off some lowlife enough for them to make an anonymous accusation about them to the police. In our little corner of the universe, we have had this happen more than once. SOMEONE, and you probably will never find out who for sure, decides it furthers their agenda to tell the police you are doing something illegal, whether you are or not is beside the point. So the police show up at your door, perhaps with a CPS worker or something similar, sometimes with a warrant and sometimes without one. It matters not, because they can bend the rules to suit their plan.

Now, one could think this is just a random occurance. BUT lately, I have been running into a LOT of people who have had this happen to them just in the last couple months. To the point where I think it’s pretty obvious that there is something greater at work here than just “anonymous tips”.

I went to a wedding in NY recently where I met a friend of the family who had a horror story to tell about an anonymous tip which led to her home being ransacked, her mother handcuffed, and of course a few minimal eventual charges, even tho the actual accusations on the search warrant were fabricated. I wonder how many of you might have SOMETHING in your homes that the police could consider illegal if they so choose? I bet the wrath of the state police will find SOMETHING to charge you for, even if ultimately the charges must be tossed out.

Well, I thought, they actually ARE targeting certain types of individuals.  But that did not prepare me for the next horror story. I returned to home in the holler, and went online to read some current posts by one of my favorite bloggers, and low and behold, HE too had someone make an anonymous tip in the past week or so which led to his having to hurriedly spirit his family off to a safe place before the CPS could obtain a search warrant.

Now, this is really starting to piss me off and add credence to the fact that NONE of us are safe in our homes.

So, I’m sitting here and the phone rings, and it’s a good friend of ours who lives near Huntington. And guess what? The cops showed up at HIS place, NO SEARCH WARRANT, on, guess what? An ANONYMOUS TIP.  He was not home but his son was. They  intimidated the son into signing a waiver so that they could search the house, and in doing so, found not one single thing wrong. But meantime they had the son handcuffed for 3 hours, and even tho he was not arrested for anything the police told him he could not stay there. Even tho that is where he lives and they found nothing wrong…

The outcome of the whole thing was that someone made up a story about having been attacked by my friend (the real story was the guy was sitting in his truck and this idiot punches him in the face, twice, and broke his glasses before he lifted a finger to defend himself)  But now the owner of the land is charged with “wanton endangerment”, the “victim” claiming that he pulled a gun on him. For a fact, the guy in question does not even OWN a gun. And I can verify without question that this man is NOT a liar. Ever. But he IS a Viet Nam vet who gets a disability check for mental illness. I’m seeing a pattern of the police using extreme force in dealing with these anonymous “investigations” towards people they think could be “dangerous”. In other words people they are afraid of. In this case, the owner of the property, upon returning home and seeing all the police cars in his driveway, got the heck out of there as fast as he could, ON FOOT and thru the woods. The SWAT team was called out, the dogs were brought in, and the helicopters flew over his farm for 2 days. All over an anonymous complaint that was made up.

Now, how much do you taxpayers think THIS cost?

No, not one of us is safe. If you have any kind of “reputation”, including the reputation of telling it like it is, or living “outside the box”, you too can be a victim of the State Police, a victim of any Joe-down-the-street with a telephone or a computer, and there is not one thing you can do to stop it. And all these so-called “public servants” are SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION!

This is really some bullshit.

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  1. NEVER NEVER NEVER open the door for the police. If you don’t, they cannot enter without a search warrant. And a broken door IS evidence of a crime. Ask, through the door, if they have a search warrant. If they say no, tell them to leave and don’t converse with them any longer. It would also be a good idea to have a hidden video camera focused on the door that sends the recording straight to a website with offshore web hosting so they cannot get their hands on it.

  2. It would seem to all boil down to one thing, and this is a “message” I keep getting over an over again lately. PREPAREDNESS. Assume the worst case scenario and make plans for it just in case, just like a fire drill of sorts…

    I love the idea of forming a loose organization of folks who are really into being prepared for problems with the authorities, which we know we can expect may happen in some form or another over the course of time. A group dedicated to protecting themselves and watching each others backs. Too bad, it seems like the apathy level here in sunny cal is running high and that makes us easy targets, as well as making it hard to find dependable allies.
    With the PILL/pharmaceutical/meth/crack problem in these parts,coupled with the rate of alcohol consumption and a certain mentality that goes along with all those things, the conditions are only worse, and it ALL AIDS THE POLICE in the end.

    These are hard times. And I highly recommend that anyone and everyone start getting seriously prepared for being interfered with by either BIG BROTHER or your drugged and drunked-up neighbors. The crime rate around here is going UP. Thieves, murderers around every corner. I really don’t see Calhoun County as having ultimately been hit very hard by the crumbling economy – we have always been “poor”. And it seems in some circles Calhoun county is being seen as becoming a “retirement” community, which means that there is a huge percentage of the population living on government checks/social security, etc. Which means there is actually MORE money in the county, not less. So I don’t think the economy has much to do with the recent uptick in crime. I think it’s a combo of people needing money for their illegal habits, and the fact that there are SO MANY MORE THINGS TO WANT than ever before… But as we can see, the police can do nothing to curb the problems, only come along after the fact and take a statement… Very highly paid secretaries… Until they get a call, and then they become underpaid TERRORISTS. Which is probably why they help themselves to the evidence locker…

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