At approximately 2:00am on Friday, December 4, two armed robbers with scarves tied over their faces kicked thru the front door of  a Jesse’s Run couple while they slept and held the husband at gunpoint while ordering his wife to give them all the money and valuables. Their 5 year old daughter was sleeping in the next room. One of the gunmen hit the husband in the head with his gun butt, which required a trip to the hospital. Stolen items include a purse and a wallet with all ID, bank books, drivers license, disability check, and all the money they had.

It is strongly suspected that there was a third party involved as a get-away driver. The vehicle they escaped in appeared to be a CAR, boxy looking, possibly GMC, and MAY have a bullet hole in the side or rear. Hopefully.

Altho their faces and hair were covered and one of the armed robbers did not speak much, the victims seem to feel they recognized the voice and certain phrases of words used by the man who was shouting orders and threats of killing. So there are some very strong suspects. For what it’s worth, the police WERE called, so if these individuals DO get found out, they are in deep doodoo. Assault, breaking and entering, wanton endangerment, armed robbery, grand larceny for starters…..

It is the editors opinion that hanging is not good enough.

It is also a very good thing these DOUCHE BAGS did not try this at the neighbor’s house as they might have lost their heads. Beheading certainly would stop a fellow from behaving so badly.

ANYONE with any info that can be used to fix these idiots wagons would be very much appreciated. Fellow citizens need to help look out for each other and be aware that there are some truly BAD scumbags among us. The only way to be safe is for everyone to do their part. Remember, next time it could be YOU.

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  1. It is also the editors opinion that lowlifes like this deserve whatever they get from the WVSP, as well as anyone else. If and when the identities of these jack asses become known for certain, we will be sure to print NAMES.

    Special message to the robbers:
    Lord have mercy on your souls, because nobody on Jesse’s Run will if you ever go back there.

  2. Nice to see a CU report on this armed robbery. Being a victim of a similar robbery in the past, the main robber was someone we knew and the voice was recognized and the robber was caught and sent back to prison, since he was only out of the pen less than three months. When they come armed and masked, they already know there is money available–so their goal is get it and get out.

    There is a good chance it IS who they think it is. Better to keep a weapon at arms reach and start firing as soon as the intrusion incurs.

    Lets hope there was a bullet hole in their vehicle from their trip on the way out, it will be easy to ID that vehicle.

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