Jesses Run Center of Recent Crimewave

This just gets dumber and dumber. LAST night, someone was driving up and down Jesses Run in Calhoun County in the middle of the night and up until right before daybreak in a car with the headlights turned off, only 2 nights after the armed robbery. According to the armed neighborhood watchman on duty last night, there appeared to be at least 3 individuals in the car, a newer model, rounded type back end, smallish and either a blue or purple color in the moonlight. During their final trip thru, driving very slow and hiding the car behind bushes, they were confronted with part of the newly formed neighborhood watch, sword in hand, who waved at them to “bring it on”. At which point they sped away.

I bet head soup would be mighty tasty.

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  1. I do hope you catch these dumb asses for putting your family through all of this. I would not wish this terror on anyone. If there is anyway I can help your family catch these losers let me know… I’m ready to post up in the woods and watch that road 24 seven. I do wish you all well and hope Santa brings us the culprits.
    Still family,

    • The editors of the Calhoun Underground find this comment, considering it’s source, appears to be very suspicious in nature. Particularly when it now appears that the Peddler’s BOO-tiful girlfriend seemed to have some foreknowledge of bad things that were SOON TO HAPPEN about a month ago or so. The victims of this crime appear to have received a message on myspace some time ago regarding unspecified things which had not happened yet…

      It APPEARS that Mr. JONES the Peddler, by being suddenly SO concerned about individuals who he not too long ago carried a grudge against, may be attempting to do some damage control. Remember, no one is beyond suspicion. And the police DO read this blog.

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