Anonymous Tips, Taxes, and the Police State

Well, I’ve heard just about enough of this that it’s making my blood boil.

I already know first hand what horrors await the poor soul who perhaps has pissed off some lowlife enough for them to make an anonymous accusation about them to the police. In our little corner of the universe, we have had this happen more than once. SOMEONE, and you probably will never find out who for sure, decides it furthers their agenda to tell the police you are doing something illegal, whether you are or not is beside the point. So the police show up at your door, perhaps with a CPS worker or something similar, sometimes with a warrant and sometimes without one. It matters not, because they can bend the rules to suit their plan.

Now, one could think this is just a random occurance. BUT lately, I have been running into a LOT of people who have had this happen to them just in the last couple months. To the point where I think it’s pretty obvious that there is something greater at work here than just “anonymous tips”.

I went to a wedding in NY recently where I met a friend of the family who had a horror story to tell about an anonymous tip which led to her home being ransacked, her mother handcuffed, and of course a few minimal eventual charges, even tho the actual accusations on the search warrant were fabricated. I wonder how many of you might have SOMETHING in your homes that the police could consider illegal if they so choose? I bet the wrath of the state police will find SOMETHING to charge you for, even if ultimately the charges must be tossed out.

Well, I thought, they actually ARE targeting certain types of individuals.  But that did not prepare me for the next horror story. I returned to home in the holler, and went online to read some current posts by one of my favorite bloggers, and low and behold, HE too had someone make an anonymous tip in the past week or so which led to his having to hurriedly spirit his family off to a safe place before the CPS could obtain a search warrant.

Now, this is really starting to piss me off and add credence to the fact that NONE of us are safe in our homes.

So, I’m sitting here and the phone rings, and it’s a good friend of ours who lives near Huntington. And guess what? The cops showed up at HIS place, NO SEARCH WARRANT, on, guess what? An ANONYMOUS TIP.  He was not home but his son was. They  intimidated the son into signing a waiver so that they could search the house, and in doing so, found not one single thing wrong. But meantime they had the son handcuffed for 3 hours, and even tho he was not arrested for anything the police told him he could not stay there. Even tho that is where he lives and they found nothing wrong…

The outcome of the whole thing was that someone made up a story about having been attacked by my friend (the real story was the guy was sitting in his truck and this idiot punches him in the face, twice, and broke his glasses before he lifted a finger to defend himself)  But now the owner of the land is charged with “wanton endangerment”, the “victim” claiming that he pulled a gun on him. For a fact, the guy in question does not even OWN a gun. And I can verify without question that this man is NOT a liar. Ever. But he IS a Viet Nam vet who gets a disability check for mental illness. I’m seeing a pattern of the police using extreme force in dealing with these anonymous “investigations” towards people they think could be “dangerous”. In other words people they are afraid of. In this case, the owner of the property, upon returning home and seeing all the police cars in his driveway, got the heck out of there as fast as he could, ON FOOT and thru the woods. The SWAT team was called out, the dogs were brought in, and the helicopters flew over his farm for 2 days. All over an anonymous complaint that was made up.

Now, how much do you taxpayers think THIS cost?

No, not one of us is safe. If you have any kind of “reputation”, including the reputation of telling it like it is, or living “outside the box”, you too can be a victim of the State Police, a victim of any Joe-down-the-street with a telephone or a computer, and there is not one thing you can do to stop it. And all these so-called “public servants” are SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION!

This is really some bullshit.

Double Standards in Drug Prosecutions For the Area

If you keep up on the local news lately regarding the illegal trade in pharmaceuticals, you will see that the police have been mighty busy.

And if you have any knowledge or experience in how the court system usually works for the “common man”, you will know that it can take years to get thru the courts if you pleade not guilty and at least months if you take a plea bargain.

Now, comes the bust of a local PHARMACIST, (and here) one who has been working as a pharmacist in this area for quite some time. This is one of the people who is in a position to aid in STOPPING pharmaceutical abuse. But instead was discovered to be contributing to the problem. This is not a whole lot different than discovering a priest who is molesting children….

He seems to have been “caught” stealing 103 hydrocodone pills. Of course this does not address how many times he may have done this BEFORE being caught, having been a pharmacist for several YEARS…

Word on the street is that each hydrocodone pill can be sold for $5 to$10 a piece. Yet, this individual was only asked to pay restitution to the tune of a hundred dollar bill for all. He was ALLOWED to take a plea agreement the SAME DAY HE WAS CAUGHT! No hanging in the court system for months like the rest of the world.Very handy for him.

BUT, where is the investigation? Are they assuming that he was ONLY stealing pills for his own consumption???? What was he DOING with those pills he was stealing. Are we assuming this is the ONLY time he ever stole any pills????

How in the world was someone who was caught stealing 103 hydrocodone pills, as a pharmacist, only charged with a minor misdemeanor??? $100 fine (plus court cost). While others less fortunate in the black market pill trade spend time in jail, pay thousands in bail and eventual fines, and are forced to attend sketchy NA meetings, this man, being I assume an otherwise “upstanding member of the community” walks away with a slap on the hand, all in one day.

This NEVER HAPPENS in the West Virginia Court System. Period.

This should be  just plain OBVIOUS. To ANYONE.

This man SHOULD have been MADE AN EXAMPLE OF!!! Not let slide and the whole thing swept under the carpet as fast as possible.


There seems to be a repeated pattern in these parts, which is to ALLOW certain individuals to continue their nefarious deeds, pretty much unhindered by things like laws and police, while others are targeted and dragged thru a seemingly unending morass of legal red tape. One would assume there is some underlying reason why certain people can be targeted by the police at the drop of a hat based on questionable information, while others go unscathed even with eye witnesses and reliable evidence.

Who actually gains? NOT the taxpayers, for sure. NOT the citizens in general. Not those unfortunate enough to get caught.

The police, once assumed to be the protectors of society, have turned to an agenda which requires turning loose some of the worst offenders in order to follow them, WATCH their moves and allow them to operate for months, and eventually catch up more people in their web. This strategy obviously does nothing to protect the innocent population, but actually allows them to be placed even more in harms way for the sake of, what. Entrapment? A few bucks in the state’s coffers? Another notch on the belt of some overly ambitious cop?

Who benefits?

Governor Manchin’s Utopian Fantasy

Governor Manchin once again displays his lack of insight into the needs of West Virginians, his discriminatory nature, and his astounding lack of any real knowledge on the subject of drugs and human nature. Either that or he’s just blatantly making empty threats that he cannot keep.

“One of the governor’s major announcements, and one he spent a good part of his address speaking about, was a new plan aimed at creating a drug-free West Virginia.

The state will receive $44 million to combat drug abuse, and that money will be used to “make tremendous strides toward winning our drug war once and for all.”

Mr. Manchin is living in a Utopian dream world if he thinks that he is going to “win ‘our’ drug war once and for all“. He is completely ignoring ANY realities of the situation and of human nature. Maybe he thinks this fine talk sounds impressive, but it actually makes him sound rather FOOLISH. It would take many, many years of action by any governor to make even a small dent in the illegal drug trade in this state. And does he intend to build an impenetrable drug free wall around the state to keep out drugs coming in from OTHER states? Does he think for a minute that $44 mil would make a bit of difference in STOPPING people from wanting and finding illegal drugs if they really want them? Oh yes, let the police sort it out… They are all just criminals, right?

“Manchin also unveiled a multi-part initiative aimed at curbing illegal drug use in the state and announced he would push for a law that would yank driver’s licenses away from young people who behave badly in school or make bad grades.

• A law that would revoke driver’s license of students who threaten teachers or other students or bring weapons to schools. Also, students 16 to 18 years of age would need to have good grades to keep their driver’s licenses.”

I assume that Governor Manchin attended school himself at some point, and in his youth it was probably not lost on him that some students are simply better at school than others, and not everyone can be on the honor roll. Now that he is older and theoretically wiser, he certainly must realize that some children have what are known as “learning disabilities”. Personally I have met many young people, educated in the WV school system, who were for all intents and purposes illiterate, yet highly responsible young adults none the less. Please explain, oh wise one, how being able to get good grades translates into whether or not you should be allowed to drive? This idea is blatant discrimination against anyone who does not fit into the accepted mold.

“Specifically, I don’t believe we’ve done enough to prevent the problem of student bullying. Student bullying must stop, and it must stop now”

But this sounds much like the rantings of a bully… And just HOW does Mr. Manchin propose to DO this? With more bullying. And more militarization of schools.

” For example, what can we learn from the success that has been achieved by the National Guard at the West Virginia Challenge Academy, and how can we take what they’ve learned and apply it to how we handle our most troubled and disruptive students in the future?”

Shallow words for shallow minds. Governor Manchin needs to GROW UP HIMSELF and take a good look at the WHY of things. What is it that makes people so unhappy with the way things ARE that they feel the need to bully others or ruin their health with bad drugs, ALCOHOL included? Because if he can find the answer to that, he will discover the HOW. And once he finds the answers, he will realize that his empty promises are worth nothing at all, and he will discover just how little control he really has on these matters.

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Marijuana Raids For The Complete Idiot

(Thanks to Hurherald for the story)

Grantsville State Police with the help of the Calhoun Sheriff’s Department and WV National Guard aircraft have conduced two drug eradication events in Calhoun County, according to Detachment Commander Sgt. Jeff Skidmore.

“Officers confiscated 134 marijuana plants from four different locations near Russett Rd., a short distance from Steer Creek,” Skidmore said.

The plants were spotted with the help of a National Guard plane on July 6th.

Officers continued their efforts in an area near Leading Creek on August 29th.

“We confiscated 60 plants from two plots during that effort,” Skidmore said.

Skidmore asked Calhoun residents to report drug activity to the State Police or the Calhoun Sheriff’s Department.

“All reports will be held confidential,” he said.


A bit of WV drug raid history for you this morning. In 1984, the pot choppers began to fly hot and heavy in WV in what was billed the new “DRUG WAR”, an attempt at *eradication of marijuana in the US. Thousands of plants were confiscated during these raids, and the county jails filled to capacity with peace-loving hippys. Every nook and cranny of extra space was utilized to store the evidence, with prisoners using bent coat hangers to fish pot out from under doors of closets and filing cabinets to kill boredom during their stay. A HUGE controversy got started in the “letters to the editor” section of the ROANE COUNTY REPORTER regarding this “war”, brought to the peaceful mountain folks back yards. Apparently, the MAJORITY of people who felt the need to state their opinions were 1. AGAINST the raids, and 2. Were obviously of a higher level of intellect than those who thought the raids were a good thing. The controversy spread to the Charleston Gazette and the Charleston TV station as well. The economy of these poor counties went belly-up over night. I still have nearly ALL the newspaper clippings from this time.

And this is when the REAL agenda of these raids first started to become apparent. Apparently, planes had flown earlier in the year and spotted the huge illegal gardens. Some folks had as many as 300 to 400 plants so they were not hard to spot. But the helicopters and raids did not start until HARVEST SEASON!
*Eradication – the complete destruction of every trace of something.
demolition, wipeout, destruction – an event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something.

WV marijuana Laws:
Possession of marijuana is punishable by 90 days – 6 months in jail and a fine up to $1,000. Possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance is a felony and can result in imprisonment of not less than one year and not more than five years, or a fine of fifteen thousand dollars, or both.

Conviction of possession of less than 15 grams triggers an automatic conditional discharge. Conditional discharge does not apply to a defendant who has previously been convicted of any offense relating to narcotic drugs or marijuana.

Cultivation, delivery or sale is punishable by 1 – 5 years in prison and a fine up to $15,000. Sale to a minor or sale within 1,000 feet of a school requires a two-year mandatory minimum sentence for the sale.

Transportation of marijuana into the state with the intent to deliver is punishable by 1 – 5 years in prison and a fine up to $15,000.

Subsequent offenses double the possible penalties.

Operating an illegal drug paraphernalia business is punishable by 6 months – 1 year in jail and a fine up to $5,000.

Now, if marijuana is illegal, and the MAIN goal is to ERADICATE this illegal PLANT, then WHY do you suppose that the authorities WAIT until HARVEST time to take down the crops? They knew for at least two months that the marijuana was there. But they did nothing. It was not ready yet.

Now, according to these FACTS, the actions by the authorities could be considered to be *COMPLICIT. They could also be considered a set-up. We all know if you get busted with just a small amount of pot you get a smaller charge, but if they can catch you with a LARGE amount, they can get you GOOD! Of course they could LIE about the amounts in order to make you look worse to the “general public” if you are an unlucky victim, but the bottom line is that MAYBE they could spot a patch in JULY or JUNE, and in the WAITING for it to be MATURE before they take it for themselves, the actual grower has plenty of opportunity to harvest it early for whatever reason, which takes NO pot off the “market” at all. It is a gamble on the authorities part. This proves the authorities are not trying to ERADICATE marijuana. They are GAMBLING, and if they WIN, they get the most valuable part of the crop with the LEAST amount of work.

*Complicit-cum’plisit- adjective
1. Having complicity, involved with a crime or offence.
We are told that in order for the police to gain a marijuana conviction, only a small amount of the actual marijuana is needed for “sampling”… This leaves room for nearly the ENTIRE remaining harvest to go “missing” with few questions asked.

WV State Troopers – Starting Salary is $2,106 per month; $2509 per month upon Academy graduation. According to my research, one good sized MATURE plant, grown OUTDOORS, should yield about four ounces of PRIMO bud. At approximately $300.00 per ounce (possibly more), 134 plants times 4 = 536 ounces times $300.00 = $160,800 worth of pot in ONE RAID… This same pot, if cut down in June or July when it was first discovered by authorities was worth a tiny fraction of this amount.

It is COMMON PRACTICE for the authorities to spot a pot patch and allow it to GROW ANOTHER 2 to 3 MONTHS before pulling a raid… How smart does one ordinary West Virginian need to be to see there is something FOUL about these practices? Do I need to include the definitions for “organized crime”, or “conspiracy” as well? If you are reading this, you are probably smart enough to figure the rest out by yourself.