Psychopaths in Power and the Neighborhood Vampires

I found THIS while surfing the political news this morning, and found it to be one of the most interesting articles I had read in a long time, and definitely worth sharing. Not only does it echo my own thoughts regarding the state of affairs in the world today, but it contains crucial information about the psychology of certain individuals who walk among us, nearly invisible, like vampires who look just like us, but they are not, and they are dangerous.

I believe that the majority of people have no real knowledge of this and that many people actually KNOW someone who fits the description. But unless you have actually had to deal with someone like this first hand, you probably cannot appreciate the full extent of the deception OR the danger involved.

I have read that something like 90% of violent offenders in the prisons today are psychopaths. The proper term for this “disability” is “Antisocial Personality Disorder.” After reading this article I linked to, Google Antisocial Personality Disorder, and you may be horrified to realize that your neighbor, your “friend”, your business associate, or your significant other, is a psychopath.

I know a lot about them. I lived with a classic psychopath for 9 years. The psychological description reads as if the person who wrote it personally KNEW this individual. And having been subjected to living with someone like this, I have become rather acute at perceiving OTHERS who have the same condition.

To be fair, this is a MENTAL ILLNESS, and as such these individuals cannot HELP being like they are, but, alas, most people bitten by vampires did not wish for their fate…

In being able to recognize the “symptoms”, I have found that there is a particular individual that many of us know, who I will leave unnamed, (those in the know will know), who is very skilled at inserting himself into certain people’s lives, and has single handedly created some very bad situations for several people in this area and several other places in the state. This is a person who will “brother” and “sister” you with his false “kind hippie” act right from the start. The sort of guy who seems “too nice”… The kind who wears a costume of  tie-dyes and dreads, and plays the guitar and knows all the Grateful Dead songs by heart… The PERFECT recipe for inserting himself into places where he can obtain any illicit substance he so desires in order for his own financial and EGOCENTRIC gain. Which is the ultimate goal. He will make you like him, so that you will do things for him. Give him a place to stay, lend him money, feed him if he’s hungry. He constantly tries to “run” things, making a million suggestions designed to ultimately make you BEHOLDEN to him in some way. He takes delight in doing that which he knows is not acceptable and is skilled at having two faces. He lies and hides things behind people’s backs, he takes things that are not his, he seems not to grasp REALITY of any kind but his own. He plays with words all the time and is a professional “tell-em-what-they-wanna-hear” kind of guy, so he is always trying to confuse folks into thinking that the bad stuff he does is really OK. I call it “pretzel logic”… The CLASSIC  example of the pushy and fast talking used car salesman who could sell a drowning man an anchor, while leaving you standing there wondering what he just said…

And unfortunately, it seems like most folks are not educated in psychology enough to realize they are being worked like so many puppets in a toy store.

Those of us who are already aware that we need to be vigilant about this type of individual, once DISCOVERING one and TAKING THEIR POWER from them, they begin to become insane acting and dangerous and have a tendency to do things like cause big scenes, play with guns, make huge threats like “I’ll burn your house down” (or “I’ll bomb your village…”), inflict bodily harm to THEMSELVES or OTHERS…

I’m sure after reading and researching this many of you will discover the information to be invaluable on a personal level. These are the true VAMPIRES. And they walk among us.