Kidnapping suspect Caught

“Seth” Denmark, one of the alleged kidnappers of three young girls, has finally been captured. You heard it first here…

William Denmark


Kidnapping Suspect Still At Large – Turned loose by police

Seth Denmark

Seth Denmark, kidnapping/rape suspect, turned loose by police.


The kidnapping of three young girls ages 16, 14, and 10, which happened over the weekend in Calhoun County, has police searching for one of THREE suspects involved. In custody already is Thomas John McCullough of Orma who is being held in CRJ without bond. A second unnamed suspect who is 18 and in school is being allowed to remain free pending the arrest of Seth Denmark, the missing suspect.

According to reports the three young men HELD THE UNDERAGE GIRLS AT KNIFEPOINT while forcing them to drink a large quantity of alcohol. The girls stated that they were denied permission to leave or even call home. At least one of the girls was apparently raped. Reportedly, Thomas McCullough and Seth Denmark WERE both in custody of two police officers that night, one of which was Trooper Doug Starcher. According to reports, the officers drove the two suspects down the road and TURNED THEM LOOSE, even tho the girls were found IN DENMARK’S CAR. The police indicated that they could not hold the suspects due to the fact that the girls were drunk and statements could not be obtained at that time.

Seth Denmark is in some serious trouble should the police RE-CAPTURE him. He was already wanted for a concealed weapons charge and being hunted for in that case. He is also allegedly a member of Calhoun Countys “street gang”, Kings of Destruction, and rumor on the street has it that he may have been involved in an armed robbery which happened in Roane County last year. He should be considered armed and dangerous.