Unreported Crime in Calhoun County

Ok folks, here it is. The police have created an environment where there are a lot of people who do not bother calling them when things go wrong. Rather just deal with it on our own so to speak. We get the feeling they are not looking out for our best interests anyways. They get called about various crimes and whatever they DO, they DON’T let anyone know what’s up. Thank heavens there are folks out there who actually REPORT on the recent increase in thieving in the area, or we would think it was ok to go to bed with the doors unlocked…

But even THOSE crimes, under-reported as they are, are not ALL of them.

With the economy and all the way it is, we will probably see a lot more of this kind of thing. People are not trusting the cops and not feeling too comfortable putting their money in the bank for whatever reason. So they keep some cash hidden in their homes. And that is making people TARGETS.

There have been 3 thefts of money reported to the Calhoun Underground in the past month. Not sure in the first instance how much, as this was word of mouth only. But the second and third instances were communicated directly to the editors by the victims. Approximately $1200 total has come up missing in those instances.

It appears that whoever is doing the stealing is not only FAMILIAR with the victims, but has a pretty good idea of where to look for the money. Done quickly and without having to move stuff around, and done without staying around to see what else they may find of value, it seems the money is all they are really interested in. That and not getting caught. And so far, they are smarter than the people who were stolen from. Because NO ONE should be sitting on large sums of money without HIDING IT WELL. I’d go so far as to advise not hiding it in your HOUSE at all.

At any rate, obviously there has been enough “unreported” stealing going on in area that I felt it was important to let people know to be especially vigilant. Because from all indications, it could be someone you know.

If anyone else has been “hit” or knows someone who has, does not feel inclined to report to the police, but feels that others should know the extent of the situation, please feel free to leave a comment. We won’t ask questions.

And this is all “heresay” anyhow…. 😉


Local Media Photographer has Camera Confiscated by State Police

This just in. Our own Hur Herald editor, Bob Weaver, while taking pictures of the unused Annamoriah Armory building for a news story regarding a bomb threat earlier that had State Police on the scene, was approached and his camera confiscated by  Trooper DOUG STARCHER of the Calhoun County Detachment. The trooper alleged that it is illegal for a Federal Building to be photographed.

A search for any law or rule in West Virginia or elsewhere stating that it is illegal for media personnel to photograph federal buildings proved fruitless. In fact, the only thing that I COULD find was something that said law enforcement should be VIGILANT if they see someone photographing such buildings. But that also assumes the officer does not actually KNOW the photographer on a FIRST NAME BASIS.

For people unfamiliar with the ongoing problem, this particular officer knows the photographer personally and knows fully well that he is not a “terrorist”, but a NEWS REPORTER. There are personal disagreements between Weaver and Starcher which have nothing to do with “law enforcement” but everything to do with corruption, with Weaver tirelessly reporting on the poor situation within the local State Police Department.

This particular officer has caused problems for Calhoun County media before when he arrested Weaver for photographing an accident scene. At that time, Starcher alleged that Weaver was taking pictures of a dead woman’s exposed breasts. It was later determined that the story as told by Starcher was a complete fabrication and the charges were dismissed.

Kidnapping suspect Caught

“Seth” Denmark, one of the alleged kidnappers of three young girls, has finally been captured. You heard it first here…

William Denmark

Kidnapping Suspect Still At Large – Turned loose by police

Seth Denmark

Seth Denmark, kidnapping/rape suspect, turned loose by police.


The kidnapping of three young girls ages 16, 14, and 10, which happened over the weekend in Calhoun County, has police searching for one of THREE suspects involved. In custody already is Thomas John McCullough of Orma who is being held in CRJ without bond. A second unnamed suspect who is 18 and in school is being allowed to remain free pending the arrest of Seth Denmark, the missing suspect.

According to reports the three young men HELD THE UNDERAGE GIRLS AT KNIFEPOINT while forcing them to drink a large quantity of alcohol. The girls stated that they were denied permission to leave or even call home. At least one of the girls was apparently raped. Reportedly, Thomas McCullough and Seth Denmark WERE both in custody of two police officers that night, one of which was Trooper Doug Starcher. According to reports, the officers drove the two suspects down the road and TURNED THEM LOOSE, even tho the girls were found IN DENMARK’S CAR. The police indicated that they could not hold the suspects due to the fact that the girls were drunk and statements could not be obtained at that time.

Seth Denmark is in some serious trouble should the police RE-CAPTURE him. He was already wanted for a concealed weapons charge and being hunted for in that case. He is also allegedly a member of Calhoun Countys “street gang”, Kings of Destruction, and rumor on the street has it that he may have been involved in an armed robbery which happened in Roane County last year. He should be considered armed and dangerous.