A Tax Feeder Frenzy


Recopied from the Hurherald without permission, and the written opinions of the CALHOUNUNDERGROUND EDITOR have not been written by nor discussed with the editors of the HURHERALD.



Disposition of criminal cases in Calhoun Magistrate Court from July 1, 2009 to July 31, 2009.

Cases are listed by date, case number, defendant, age, charge(s) and disposition of case.

M = Misdemeanor – F = Felony

Magistrate Robinson

07/01/09 – 04M-236 – Judy Gillis, Adult, Worthless Check. Dismissed on Time Limitations without Prejudice.

07/01/09 – 05M-226 – Edward Joe Dingess, 35, Possession Controlled Substance. Dismissed upon Time Limitations without Prejudice.

07/01/09 – 05M-227 – Edward Joe Dingess, 35, No Proof of Insurance. Dismissed upon Time Limitations without Prejudice.

07/01/09 – 05M-228 – Edward Joe Dingess, 35, Registration Violation. Dismissed upon Time Limitations without Prejudice.

07/01/09 – 05M-229 – Edward Joe Dingess, 35, Windshield Violation Dismissed upon Time Limitations without Prejudice.

07/01/09 – 05M-230 – Edward Joe Dingess, 35, Driving Suspended/Revoked for DUI. Dismissed upon Time Limitations without Prejudice.

07/13/09 – 09F-31 – Kirk A. Miller, 32, Murder. After Preliminary Hearing Probable Cause Found – Case Transferred to Circuit Court.

07/13/09 – 09F-32 – Kirk A. Miller, 32, Murder. After Preliminary Hearing Probable Cause Found – Case Transferred to Circuit Court.

07/14/09 – 09M-152 – Benjamin Jackson, 32, Trespassing. No Contest Plea- Assessed Fine & Costs totaling $264.53.

07/14/09 – 09M-153 – Benjamin Jackson, 32, Assault. No Contest Plea- Assessed Fine & Costs totaling $189.53.

07/14/09 – 09M-218 – George Griffin, 53, Battery. No Contest Plea- Assessed Fine & Costs totaling $$189.53 & 7 Days Jail With Credit for Time Served.

07/27/09 – 09M-193 – Karen Sue Starcher, 55, Drive Suspended. Dismissed per State Motion.

07/27/09 – 09M-194 – Karen Sue Starcher, 55, Strike Unattended. Guilty Plea – 12 Hours Jail Time, Credit with Time Served, to run Concurrent With 09M-195. Assessed Court Costs only of $164.53. Restitution of $1503.61.

07/27/09 – 09M-195, Karen Sue Starcher, 55, Failure of Immediate Report of Accident. Guilty Plea- 12 Hours Jail Time, Credit with Time Served, to run Concurrent With 09M-194, Assessed Court Costs of $164.53.

07/27/09 – 09M-244 – Andrea Baringer, Adult, Worthless Check. Plea of Guilty, Assessed Costs & Restitution Totaling $300.51.

07/27/09 -09M-214 – Linda Ann Simmons, 42, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non DUI 3rd Offense. Plea of Guilty, Assessed Fine & Costs totaling $314.53 (Paid in Full) 6 months Home Confinement in lieu of Jail to Begin 08/15/09.

07/27/09 – 09M-225 – Joshua Michael Tanner, 28, Weapon Without License. Dismissed without Prejudice, Chapter 61, was on Citation.

07/29/09 – 09M-245 – Dexter E. Marks, Adult, Worthless Check. Dismissed upon Full Payment of $244.53.

07/30/09 – 09M-238 – Gary M. Ferrell, 41, No Proof of Insurance. Plea of No Contest, Assessed Fine & Costs Totaling $364.53.

07/30/09 – 09F-29 – John D. Hickman, 55, Driving Revoked DUI 3rd offense. Waived to Circuit Court.

Magistrate Postalwait

07/04/09 – 09M-230 – Dennis Lee Goff, 27, Driving Under the Influence. No Complaint filed, Case Dismissed.

07/04/09 – 09M-231 – Dennis Lee Goff, 27, Reckless Driving. No Complaint filed, Case Dismissed.

07/04/09 – 09M-232 – Dennis Lee Goff, 27, No Insurance. No Complaint filed, Case Dismissed.

07/04/09 – 09M-233 – Dennis Lee Goff, 27, Motor Vehicle Inspection. No Complaint filed, Case Dismissed.

07/07/09 – 09M-151 – Andrew David Woodring, 22, Left of Center. Case Dismissed on Request of Officer.

07/07/09 – 09M-102 – Anna Cottrill, Adult, Fail to Send Child To School. Case Dismissed upon motion of the State.

07/07/09 – 09M-103 – Anna Cottrill, Adult, Fail to Send Child To School. Case Dismissed upon motion of the State.

07/07/09 – 08M-287 – Richard Allen Wines, 50, Driving Under the Influence. Defendant entered No Contest Plea, Assessed Fine & Costs totaling $339.53 (Paid in Full).

07/07/09 – 08M-288 – Richard Allen Wines, 50, Left of Center. Case Dismissed upon No Contest Plea to 08M-287.

07/07/09 – 09M-191 – Victor Lee Carpenter, Sr., 42, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non DUI. Case Dismissed, the Defendant has a valid Driver’s license verified By DMV.

07/14/09 – 09M-146 – Zachary Allen Wease, 18, Leaving Scene with Property Damage. After Full Bench Trial Defendant found Guilty, Assessed Fine & Costs Totaling $264.53.

07/21/09 – 09M-82 – Linda L. Carpenter, 51, Assault. After Bench Trial The Court granted the Defendant’s Motion For Acquittal.

07/21/09 – 09M-9 – Ronnie Lee Hannah, 30, Possession Controlled Substance less than 15 grams. Case Dismissed upon Defendant’s successful Completion of Probation.

07/23/09 – 09M-235 – Lyndsay Eileen Turner, 19, No Insurance. Defendant entered Guilty Plea, Assessed $1000.00 Fine & Costs of $164.53.

07/23/09 – 09M-190 – Victor Lee Carpenter, Sr., 42, Speeding. Defendant entered No Contest Plea to 63 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Assessed Fine & Costs totaling $184.53.

07/23/09 – 09M-234 – Eve Reed, 28, Registration Violation. Case Dismissed upon Motion of the State upon The Defendant providing A valid Registration Card.

Magistrate Jason Bennett

07/21/09 – 08M-135 – Michael Edward Grogg, Sr., 46, Too Fast for Road Conditions. Case Dismissed upon Motion of the Defendant That the victim failed to Show in timely manner For trial.

07/21/09 – 08M-136 – Michael Edward Grogg, Sr., 46, Failure to Maintain Control. Case Dismissed upon Motion of the Defendant That the victim failed to Show in timely manner For trial.


We have 38 official charges for the month of JULY. Each one with it’s own inevitable paperwork and many hours of desk work, as well as the time and effort involved for the police to do their part… ALL courtesy of the taxpayers of the county.

If I counted right, there were 18 dismissed all together and 1 acquittal. Well. 19 from 38 is…….. HALF the charges for the month had to be tossed.

I say no more.

Anonymous Tips, Taxes, and the Police State

Well, I’ve heard just about enough of this that it’s making my blood boil.

I already know first hand what horrors await the poor soul who perhaps has pissed off some lowlife enough for them to make an anonymous accusation about them to the police. In our little corner of the universe, we have had this happen more than once. SOMEONE, and you probably will never find out who for sure, decides it furthers their agenda to tell the police you are doing something illegal, whether you are or not is beside the point. So the police show up at your door, perhaps with a CPS worker or something similar, sometimes with a warrant and sometimes without one. It matters not, because they can bend the rules to suit their plan.

Now, one could think this is just a random occurance. BUT lately, I have been running into a LOT of people who have had this happen to them just in the last couple months. To the point where I think it’s pretty obvious that there is something greater at work here than just “anonymous tips”.

I went to a wedding in NY recently where I met a friend of the family who had a horror story to tell about an anonymous tip which led to her home being ransacked, her mother handcuffed, and of course a few minimal eventual charges, even tho the actual accusations on the search warrant were fabricated. I wonder how many of you might have SOMETHING in your homes that the police could consider illegal if they so choose? I bet the wrath of the state police will find SOMETHING to charge you for, even if ultimately the charges must be tossed out.

Well, I thought, they actually ARE targeting certain types of individuals.  But that did not prepare me for the next horror story. I returned to home in the holler, and went online to read some current posts by one of my favorite bloggers, and low and behold, HE too had someone make an anonymous tip in the past week or so which led to his having to hurriedly spirit his family off to a safe place before the CPS could obtain a search warrant.

Now, this is really starting to piss me off and add credence to the fact that NONE of us are safe in our homes.

So, I’m sitting here and the phone rings, and it’s a good friend of ours who lives near Huntington. And guess what? The cops showed up at HIS place, NO SEARCH WARRANT, on, guess what? An ANONYMOUS TIP.  He was not home but his son was. They  intimidated the son into signing a waiver so that they could search the house, and in doing so, found not one single thing wrong. But meantime they had the son handcuffed for 3 hours, and even tho he was not arrested for anything the police told him he could not stay there. Even tho that is where he lives and they found nothing wrong…

The outcome of the whole thing was that someone made up a story about having been attacked by my friend (the real story was the guy was sitting in his truck and this idiot punches him in the face, twice, and broke his glasses before he lifted a finger to defend himself)  But now the owner of the land is charged with “wanton endangerment”, the “victim” claiming that he pulled a gun on him. For a fact, the guy in question does not even OWN a gun. And I can verify without question that this man is NOT a liar. Ever. But he IS a Viet Nam vet who gets a disability check for mental illness. I’m seeing a pattern of the police using extreme force in dealing with these anonymous “investigations” towards people they think could be “dangerous”. In other words people they are afraid of. In this case, the owner of the property, upon returning home and seeing all the police cars in his driveway, got the heck out of there as fast as he could, ON FOOT and thru the woods. The SWAT team was called out, the dogs were brought in, and the helicopters flew over his farm for 2 days. All over an anonymous complaint that was made up.

Now, how much do you taxpayers think THIS cost?

No, not one of us is safe. If you have any kind of “reputation”, including the reputation of telling it like it is, or living “outside the box”, you too can be a victim of the State Police, a victim of any Joe-down-the-street with a telephone or a computer, and there is not one thing you can do to stop it. And all these so-called “public servants” are SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION!

This is really some bullshit.

Letter To the Editor of the Hurherald

Ah, it pays to have the inside scoop. Looks like there are a few more waves in the pond. Anyone with their own stories? We’ll publish them anonymously if need be. As long as they are TRUE. Send ’em in.


Dear Editor,
This in response to your ongoing troubles with the WVSP and to those who
would dismiss the issue by claiming it is “just bad blood”.  I know first
hand of the incompetence within the Calhoun County State Police. My family
and myself have been victimized by the State Police under the direction of
Mr. Starcher and his ilk more than once over the years. The most recent
involving a search warrant obtained by Starcher using demonstrably false
information. The “probable cause” for the search warrant was entirely
fabricated, and the results of the search led to what can only be described
as baldfaced lies in statements to the media, with the case eventually
DISMISSED for lack of evidence. In this case, the issue was swept under the
rug and the “loss” of ALL evidence was never reported on to the media.  This
also led to a serious mental and health breakdown for my husband who suffers
from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe anxiety disorder when under
stressful situations. Which led to even more legal problems rather than a
doctors help.

Sure, people could say there is “just bad blood” between Starcher and myself
as well if you know the history. But ultimately the problem seems to be that
you have a person who was born and raised in Calhoun County, went to school
here, and now is a State Police officer here. He is familiar with just about
everyone and vice versa. This resembles to me something akin to “conflict of
interest” where people are simply too familiar with each other to  maintain
objectivity in critical situations. Any State Trooper needs specifically to
be ABOVE REPROACH in his actions in order to be effective and respected. I
feel that in these instances and circumstances that familiarity does indeed
breed contempt, and that it would serve the WVSP best interests to remove
him from this area all together, as there is far too much “bad blood”
floating around which would cause any State Trooper to be unable to actually
do his job properly.

I believe this is information that should be publicly known and so a copy of this letter has also been sent to the Calhoun Chronicle and the Times Record.

Patsy Buvoltz

Local Media Photographer has Camera Confiscated by State Police

This just in. Our own Hur Herald editor, Bob Weaver, while taking pictures of the unused Annamoriah Armory building for a news story regarding a bomb threat earlier that had State Police on the scene, was approached and his camera confiscated by  Trooper DOUG STARCHER of the Calhoun County Detachment. The trooper alleged that it is illegal for a Federal Building to be photographed.

A search for any law or rule in West Virginia or elsewhere stating that it is illegal for media personnel to photograph federal buildings proved fruitless. In fact, the only thing that I COULD find was something that said law enforcement should be VIGILANT if they see someone photographing such buildings. But that also assumes the officer does not actually KNOW the photographer on a FIRST NAME BASIS.

For people unfamiliar with the ongoing problem, this particular officer knows the photographer personally and knows fully well that he is not a “terrorist”, but a NEWS REPORTER. There are personal disagreements between Weaver and Starcher which have nothing to do with “law enforcement” but everything to do with corruption, with Weaver tirelessly reporting on the poor situation within the local State Police Department.

This particular officer has caused problems for Calhoun County media before when he arrested Weaver for photographing an accident scene. At that time, Starcher alleged that Weaver was taking pictures of a dead woman’s exposed breasts. It was later determined that the story as told by Starcher was a complete fabrication and the charges were dismissed.

Police State USA

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