Unreported Crime in Calhoun County

Ok folks, here it is. The police have created an environment where there are a lot of people who do not bother calling them when things go wrong. Rather just deal with it on our own so to speak. We get the feeling they are not looking out for our best interests anyways. They get called about various crimes and whatever they DO, they DON’T let anyone know what’s up. Thank heavens there are folks out there who actually REPORT on the recent increase in thieving in the area, or we would think it was ok to go to bed with the doors unlocked…

But even THOSE crimes, under-reported as they are, are not ALL of them.

With the economy and all the way it is, we will probably see a lot more of this kind of thing. People are not trusting the cops and not feeling too comfortable putting their money in the bank for whatever reason. So they keep some cash hidden in their homes. And that is making people TARGETS.

There have been 3 thefts of money reported to the Calhoun Underground in the past month. Not sure in the first instance how much, as this was word of mouth only. But the second and third instances were communicated directly to the editors by the victims. Approximately $1200 total has come up missing in those instances.

It appears that whoever is doing the stealing is not only FAMILIAR with the victims, but has a pretty good idea of where to look for the money. Done quickly and without having to move stuff around, and done without staying around to see what else they may find of value, it seems the money is all they are really interested in. That and not getting caught. And so far, they are smarter than the people who were stolen from. Because NO ONE should be sitting on large sums of money without HIDING IT WELL. I’d go so far as to advise not hiding it in your HOUSE at all.

At any rate, obviously there has been enough “unreported” stealing going on in area that I felt it was important to let people know to be especially vigilant. Because from all indications, it could be someone you know.

If anyone else has been “hit” or knows someone who has, does not feel inclined to report to the police, but feels that others should know the extent of the situation, please feel free to leave a comment. We won’t ask questions.

And this is all “heresay” anyhow…. 😉


Mistaken Identities, Conspiracies, and Other Excuses

The Editors of the Calhoun Underground, after speaking at great length with Bob Weaver of the Hur Herald, feel that it is high time to set the record straight on our end.

The article this morning entitled “The Hur Herald IS Not The Internet” is absolutely true, and a shame. It is hard to imagine anyone literate enough to use a computer who is not able to recognize that the Hur Herald, The Calhoun Underground, The Calpatty Press, The Lone Meth Ranger, and even the regional jail website are not all run by the same person!!! Perhaps it is difficult for some to accept that there might actually be some credibility to what has been said regarding the state of affairs in this part of West Virginia. After all, if all these “crazy” blog sites can be connected to the Hur Herald editor, then we do not have to give the Hur Herald any credibility either, now do we? How convenient for those with the desire to keep these issues swept under the rug.

The outcome of this case of mistaken identities is that there are issues which can not be fully covered by the Hur Herald even if the editors desire to do so, at risk of being seen as “just another crackpot” or accused of being responsible for any number of other more infamous sites or at least conspiring with the authors.

Now, some may say that if all the authors of these websites and blogs are NOT one in the same, then surely they must be friends, collaborating among themselves to create the greatest amount of havoc. I can only speak for myself in that I had never heard of The Lone Meth Ranger, The Calpatty Press, The Crooked County Crooks, or Bob Weaver until I discovered them on the internet. It only follows that the editors of the Calhoun Underground have  had some limited communications with the other BLOG writers, because at least in some respects, we find ourselves on the same page. Regardless of our initial thoughts regarding these BLOG sites, I found it interesting that there was such an assortment of people raising a lot of the same issues and that there were others who actually had the NERVE to speak up. Being a writer myself and finding myself constantly at odds with certain happenings related to the State Police in Calhoun and Roane Counties, decided to do the same, for the sole purpose of attempting to give even MORE credibility to some of the most important issues facing ALL citizens in this county.

Now, the Hur Herald is NOT a blog, but a credible news source for this area. And our association with Bob Weaver is purely coincidental. We simply tend to share not only his views on the issues, but his desire to keep things aboveboard. I grew up with a writer/philosopher for a dad, and Bob Weaver’s writings are very similar to my Father’s in nature and scope. And in a small community like this one, individuals with similar ideas tend to become friends. But even finding ourselves in close quarters, we have mutually attempted to limit our connections as far as the internet community. My ideas are mine, his ideas are his.

It can be a handicap, being a writer, being in agreement with the Editor, but not being able to utilize the Hur Herald for a medium of communication. But, as we both realize, a certain distance must be maintained for our arguments to carry the greatest amount of weight.

The problems involved in presenting facts that tend to be unpopular are many, and one of the things I have endeavored to do is try my best to keep the Calhoun Underground as INDEPENDENT from the other blogs and the Hur Herald as possible, as I too am concerned about those who would try to lump all these individuals into one, at the expense of the truth.

Now, I would say it’s high time for readers of these many blogs and news sites to realize that maybe, just maybe what is being said about the corrupt practices in question, by all the various DIFFERENT people independently of each other, SHOULD be looked at more closely and stop being discredited by those with an obvious agenda.

Illegal Pill Trade Rampant – Beware Calhoun and Roane

A great big heads up to those who think they are somehow “COOL” by being involved in this prescription drug scam. Did you know that MANY big pharmaceutical companies are funded and run by POLITICIANS? Did you know that it is common for doctors to own stock in pharmaceutical companies? Did you know that there is even a “conspiracy theory” in which it would seem that the goal is to get everyone medicated one way or another in order to “control” the masses?

Did you know that a lot of the more recent prescription meds being handed out are still experimental? That is, they really DON’T know what the long term effects might be. So, have you given up and simply don’t care? Do you even give a damn that you might be trading in something that could harm or kill someone? Do you give a damn that you are supporting the very things that cause you so many problems in life that you wish to be ANESTHETIZED rather than face it?

Do you give a rats ass that you are in effect SUPPORTING the police in this state by continuing to play this stupid pill game? And do you care AT ALL that you are bringing HEAT on those who you associate with simply by being involved in the pill trade and then associating with others who may not wish to be involved?

There used to be a time when even the “heads” did not use pills! Those awful folks known as HIPPIES already knew, many, many years ago, that pills and white powders were NOT acceptable. Those were things that only lowlifes and bums did. In those circles it was something that was simply NOT DONE. Believe it or not, there are STILL many people who feel the same way. Because it is no different now, just more prevalent.

I am here to say that no one here at the Underground supports this rampant pill trade, either illegal OR legal! It is sickening to say the least, and the sentiment is so strong in this neighborhood that should any visitors here be found for certain to be involved in some kind of illegal pill trade, they will be ASKED TO LEAVE.

Having said that, read and weep:

Indictments sign of problem with prescription drugs By DAVID HEDGES Publisher – More than a fourth of the indictments returned by a Roane grand jury last week involved the alleged sale or use of prescription drugs. Six Spencer residents were charged with felony offenses ranging from selling drugs they had legally obtained by prescription to “doctor shopping,” or visiting different physicians to obtain prescriptions.

“It’s the biggest drug problem we have in Roane County, and we haven’t even scratched the surface,” Cpl. F.L. Hammack of the State Police detachment in Spencer, who presented the prescription drug cases to the grand jury, said. Hammack said the problem starts and ends at the same place — in the doctor’s office. “Some doctors in Roane County are really working hard to make a difference,” he said. “But others are just turning their head.”

Prescription painkillers such as oxycodone account for most fatal overdoses in West Virginia, according to a government study. About two-thirds of those who die from overdoses in the state don’t have a prescription, a figure that leads the nation, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Drug overdoses are now the second-leading cause of unintended deaths in the U.S. behind auto accidents. The problem is worse in rural areas.

The CDC has studied drug abuse in West Virginia and found that overdose rates have risen 550 percent in a five-year period. Of the nearly 300 people who died from overdoses in 2006, 63 percent used drugs. “Doctors who write these prescriptions might as well be loading a gun,” Hammack said. Every licensed doctor and pharmacist in West Virginia has access to information about the prescriptions their patients are receiving, according to Hammack.

Police officers must be certified to have access to that information. Other officers, including Hammack, work with those officers to investigate prescription cases. But he said the best answer is to prevent the drugs from being abused in the first place. “It’s just something we’ll have to work on until people get the message,” he said.

Those indicted last week on prescription drug cases were: ν Mary Carpenter, 44, of Reservoir St. for possession with intent to deliver and delivery of oxycodone and hydrocodone. An informant allegedly purchased the pills at her home in 2004 and 2007. ν Christina Carpenter, 34, of Arnoldsburg Road for delivery of mood altering drugs Ativan and Seroquel, possession with intent to deliver and two counts of obtaining controlled substance by fraud. Police allege she obtained prescriptions from two doctors and sold to an informant. ν Kevin Schroeder, 47, of State Street for delivery of oxycodone and possession with intent to deliver. Police allege an informant purchased the pain reliever from Schroeder at his home in June. ν Herbert Cobb, 49, and Robin Zayed, 47, both of High Street for two counts each of delivery of hydrocodone, possession with intent to deliver and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and six counts of conspiracy. The charges allege an informant purchased the drug from the couple in June. ν Summer Black, 30, of General Woods Drive for eight counts each of obtaining a controlled substance by fraudulent pretenses and obtaining additional controlled substances from a practitioner, also known as doctor shopping. The charges allege she obtained prescriptions for pain relievers from several different physicians and a dentist. An indictment by a grand jury is not a determination of guilt, only a finding that jurors felt there was enough evidence to allow the cases to come to trial.

Hammack said the recent indictments might just be the start. “Everyone on the detachment is working an active prescription drug case right now,” he said. “There will be more arrests and more indictments.”


Now, just to be real here, let me say that the pill problem is just going to keep on going as long as it’s legal for doctors and politicians to be involved, as long as people are willing to lie and cheat, and as long as the doctors make them available. But the police can do absolutely nothing, simply because they are the police, and there is scant respect for police around here. Especially from anyone who might be construed in some way to be “breaking the law”. They can arrest people all day long and scare a few and talk a few into being rats, but they can’t stop people from the DOING of it. Just the opposite actually. Just spend enough time being messed with by the cops and you are sure to want to do SOMETHING just to spite them…

So. I think it’s high time for people’s actual PEERS to stand up to them and say enough is enough. Not some preacher, or right-wing-goody-two-shoes granny in high heals and a business suit, but those folks who people just might actually look UP to, within their own “culture”. Those are the people that MIGHT get listened to and MIGHT be able to effect some real positive change. There’s much to be said for “shunning” (google it) and maybe it’s high time that more of us REAL folks start standing up to this nonsense once and for all.

Don’t wait for the cops to fix the problem, get involved yourself.

WVSP-Attempted Murder By Anonymous Officer – Sketchy Details Prevail

Wanted man shot in head by trooper

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Clendenin man whom police had been seeking for a week was shot in the head and critically wounded by a state trooper as the man drove his car toward the officer.

Troopers late Monday saw the man sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot near the intersection of Ambler Ridge Road and U.S. 119 near Walton in Roane County, according to a press release from Sgt. Ken McCord.

They said they recognized the man as a suspect for whom they had obtained arrest warrants related to an incident last week.

Troopers pulled into the lot and asked the man to exit his vehicle, McCord said.

The suspect ignored the request and began to pull his vehicle out of the parking lot, striking the cruiser and driving toward one of the troopers, according to the press release.

“The officer used his service weapon and fired at least one shot to stop the suspect from coming any closer,” McCord said. “One of the shots struck the suspect in the head.”

The man, who was not identified in the news release, was pulled from the vehicle by troopers, who began to perform first aid and called for an ambulance, the release said.

He was taken by helicopter to Charleston Area Medical Center’s General Hospital, where he was in critical condition today, police said.

No troopers were injured during the incident.

The warrants had been obtained after a man fled into the woods after being stopped by troopers last Wednesday.

Troopers had received a report of an SUV driving erratically when they spotted the vehicle and followed it to Kieffer Fork Road in Clendenin. They began following the vehicle and tried to pull it over. The driver, whom they later identified as Stephen Krein, 19, of Clendenin, refused to stop and nearly hit two troopers while trying to get away.

Troopers said Krein stopped only after a shot had been fired at the SUV’s tire and he then fled into the woods on foot. Three passengers in the SUV also tried to flee but were apprehended and arrested.

State Police said they wouldn’t release the name of the suspect who was shot until his family members had been notified.

However, Stephen Krein was listed in critical condition this morning at CAMC General.

The suspect’s vehicle was towed to the State Police lab Monday night for processing, and the scene was investigated by the crime response team.


Another shooting of a suspect by WVSP, this time in Roane County.

A thorough investigation of news stories from various mainstream sources about this shooting reveals an awful lot of cutting and pasting going on. Most news articles refer to the “spokesperson”, who is a police officer. So, all the media is reporting so far is the story as told by the State Police.

This area is already plagued with police corruption and only a year ago another man was shot and killed by officers in what can only be described as an execution cover-up in Roane County.

“The officer used his service weapon and fired at least one shot to stop the suspect from coming any closer,” McCord said. “One of the shots struck the suspect in the head.”
At least one? Gee, that’s a safe statement. Then “one of the shots…”. I see. We are obviously being lied to again. That is impossible to deny with statements like that. What about holes in the window? What about shell casings? Can anyone count? What about witnesses?
Now, why would they lie? And absolutely NO mention of the name of the actual officer who did the shooting.
Think about this. State Troopers usually travel in pairs. So, two cops walk up to a PARKED car. They “recognize” the guy and figure he might be trouble. In that case, one cop probably walked up to each window of the vehicle. The guy takes off from a dead stop. He hits the cruiser, probably because it’s parked in front of his vehicle to block it into a parking lot the size of my kitchen. What did the trooper do, jump in front of the guy’s vehicle after he hit the cruiser??? That’s a right small parking area for all that alleged manuvering to be going on. Why not shoot his tires? They say he stopped and got out and ran the last time they tried that. Not exactly a huge threat to life and limb. More likely a drunk coward. And not known to be armed and dangerous, apparently.
I think it would be appropriate for some enterprising INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST to check this story out. We, as citizens who feel unsafe in the presence of certain West Virginia State Troopers, want and deserve to know the shooter’s NAME, and the actual FACTS and DETAILS of this shooting. As usual, any readers with inside info are welcome to respond.
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Breaking News – Update On Calhoun County Power Line Rally

Plans for the musical/educational rally against proposed high voltage power lines, scheduled for October 17th at the Arnoldsburg Community Building, are being finalized. Starting at 7:00pm, live bluegrass music featuring Calhoun County’s John Truman will be provided. Representatives from the WV Sierra Club and the Concerned Citizen’s Coalition from Roane County will be there to speak and answer questions. Also, representatives from CAP (Citizens Against PATH) in Tucker County will do a power point presentation.  The evening will finish up with some good live local rock music. Something for everyone, the entire event is FREE to the public.

The proposed power lines are slated to run thru West Virginia, and of particular interest, thru Roane, CALHOUN, and Gilmer Counties. Along with these lines, WV is also expected to be future home to several more coal-to-electric plants like John Amos, and approximately 27000 more acres of proposed mountaintop removal. The majority of extra electric power goes to big cities up north…

Come to the rally for good entertainment, get educated about the issues regarding the power lines, learn what others are doing. Lets set a new precedent. Let our officials know we want to support GREEN and renewable energy, not more of the same. See you there.


Check out THIS for more power line info.