Random Rant – Just Another Day

Since last post, the Calhoun Underground has gone into “observation mode”. Feet on the ground, hands in the dirt, listening, watching.

Shortly after writing the last post, Roane County saw yet another drug overdose.

The severity and stupidity of this event sent waves of anger and CONSCIENCE thru a community that is small enough that an enormous amount of people knew the victim. This one death had a far greater impact on the general population than any police officer or drug law or threat of jail.

It appears that being told what to do and not do all our lives causes us to reach a point where we cannot think for ourselves. Every manner of rule and law must be created (with threat of jail of course) in order to protect ourselves from BEING HUMAN. But this plan FAILS MISERABLY. Not once in all of this have we ever tried the one experiment that could possibly fix things – The concept of taking personal responsibility for what we do. In other words, you do or don’t do things, not because you might get in trouble with the law, but because you KNOW you’re doing the right things. Because you are actually given the opportunity to make the choices for yourself. What a novel concept.

Bottom line observation: “LAW” should not even enter into the issue of “drug problems”. Suppose there were no drug laws having to do with the police and the court system. The people would go hog wild? Maybe for a minute, until a couple more had to die of overdoses. But those deaths, along with the knowledge that it is UP TO YOU to decide whether to do the killing drugs or not, would most likely create an environment more conducive to actual THOUGHT AND REASON  than the current “big brother” environment where we are not allowed to make our own choices. And, the doctors would ultimately have to shoulder much more of the responsibility for what they do and how they do it. And that is AS IT SHOULD BE. But we will never know the outcome of such an experiment, because we cannot be allowed to think for ourselves.

Observation number 2:

We had a double murder in Calhoun County recently, with the police apparently unable to solve the case. It would seem like this incident would be top of the list of things to get done on the State Police bulletin board. That and keeping the public informed. It’s not often a murder hits Calhoun County, where the biggest news is the Mayor slapping some idiot in the Dollar Store, or the cops losing all the evidence… So one would think the police would be more forthcoming with information. But instead we get rumors which, quite frankly, could be interpreted in a less than pleasant light in regards to the investigating individuals.  (see – http://calpattypress.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/danny-nub-marks-flanagan-murder-suspect-named-by-ss-of-central-wv-being-looked-as-well-as-other-criminals-and-cult-members/)

How does this make the police look bad you might ask? If the story about the growing operation as told by trooper STARCHER (red flag anyone?) has any truth to it, and knowing already the type of people we have in the local State Police Barracks, one might wonder if the police themselves might be involved more deeply than anyone guesses. Perhaps this is why they can not find the  “perps”. Should they be looking within ranks? If this is not the case, surely the police should at very least give some type of REAL statement as to the status of their investigation.

Calhoun County deserves to know if there is a murderer among us. We want the police to come clean as to what they know. Was there, in fact, a grow room? Were there any plants or were they missing? Or is this just a far fetched story? Was there a robbery connected and if so what was stolen?

It’s high time for some honesty; all the way ’round. Nobody is interested in a police state. Nobody wants “Big Brother”. Nobody WANTS to die of drug overdoses. People are beginning to see thru the little games the police play. Their entire job demands that they be FALSE. Every action, every statement. It’s ultimately all about gathering revenue for the town/county/state, and all about wasting taxpayers money on wild goose chases while making themselves look important for their job security. And getting a little on the side…

Now, we just want facts. Truth. Reality.

Does anyone know what that is?

Back to the dirt.

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