Long awaited update – July 19 2010

This is all going into the archives and anything new in the future will be posted on the “Lostincalhouncounty” site.

It is time to speak the truth and turn the page.

Times are very weird.

State Trooper Hunt has voluntarily transferred out of county even tho it adds many miles and commute time to his drive to work each day.

Our infamous State Trooper, Doug Starcher has been REMOVED from this area by his superiors. NOT because of his years of past shenanigans involving the citizens, but because as his time for retirement draws near, he decided to become what we lovingly refer to as a “whistleblower”.

After lengthy conversations with Starcher, as well as hours of conversation with attorneys Teresa Monk and Rocky Holmes (who eventually took a pay cut to fill the vacant prosecuting attorney slot in Calhoun County), speculation about the nature of things in these parts has been verified. Other conversations with certain folks in positions to know have furnished a great many other pieces to the puzzle. I will simply list what we have been told in these conversations without any fanfare or additions or opinions.

It seems we have gone thru so many prosecuting attorneys in the past few years in Calhoun County (Tony Morgan, Matt Minney, Shelly Demarino) due to their not being able to deal with the State Police and the corruption thereof. Shelly D. bailed after being thoroughly chewed out to the point of fear and tears by Troopers Starcher and Starsick.

It has been verified that missing evidence which caused such a stir in the past was not only made to go missing on purpose, but certain troopers deemed it proper to conspire to REPLACE missing evidence with random goods taken from OTHER places. “Missing” evidence was sold on the streets of South Charleston.

It was verified that certain individuals were made into TARGETS by Trooper Fred Hammack of Roane County, police in Roane County were most likely TAINTED by Trooper Hammack all the way down to the town officers of Spencer, and plans were being laid to FRAME the innocent individual(s) in question, in order to cover for the lies he told.

Once these plans surfaced and could no longer be covered up, every effort has been made to sweep this situation under the rug.

We have been informed that Trooper Hammack can not be trusted at all, is to be considered dangerous, and could very well apprehend certain individuals and “take them out in the dingweeds and shoot them in the head, or plant something on them in order to arrest them.”

We were informed that there is a possibility that an individual whose name has been in the news lately due to having been shot by Seth Denmark, MAY have been shot due to things (lies) that Trooper Hammack said to “Denmark” in the course of an “investigation”. Also we were told that there is every effort to see said individual behind bars in order to put him in harms way, near the “Denmarks”, who apparently plotted to kill him. This has been proven to be true, as Trooper Hammack eventually filed an arrest warrant for said individual based on a claim that he had SEEN the individual driving on a suspended license, altho he was never pulled over at that time… Then had the audacity to tell other officers he “did not want to see the boy go to jail”.

The driving on suspended was later proven to be a mistake, at least in Calhoun County, where charges were dismissed. This is the same trooper who insisted on another occasion that he had seen this same individual driving in a certain place and time and was caught red handed lying about it at THAT time.

“Denmark” is not their REAL last name. Nobody seems to know how they got their fake identity. All solid evidence verifies there had been a body in the grave that investigators dug up. Everything was found that was needed to make that determination, EXCEPT the body. And no body, no murder charge. The feeling is that the body may be hidden under an extremely thick cement floor of the new carport on the “Denmark” property.

We are told that due to the circumstances and nature of events spread out over time that there is definately grounds for a huge lawsuit, which seems to be a reasonable option.

And of course nobody wants all this information brought to light.

But the Calhoun Underground staff feels that the citizens have been in the dark far too long, the State Police policy of “no statement” is simply wrong, the good old boy buddy system in the Spencer courtroom is simply corrupt and unacceptable, and it’s high time something was done about it. Openness and truth are the words of the day.

Not one bit of this information is speculation unless it is on the part of the officials themselves. So, now you know


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