More troubles for Dellinger

These articles are reprinted with much gratitude, from the Hurherald website. Make your own judgments. I wonder if we should be looking more closely at who hired these “problem children”……..


Former Braxton County Deputy Sheriff and Grantsville volunteer policeman C. S. “Shane” Dellinger has been charged with six counts of felony fraud committed while serving as a Braxton County deputy sheriff.

Dellinger worked for Braxton County Sheriff Howard Carpenter, who told the Hur Herald some months ago he had placed Dellinger on leave because he was suffering stress from a recent divorce.

The deputy, who was described as “extremely aggressive in law enforcement in Braxton,” was apparently fired from his job, although the sheriff’s department reportedly gave him a going-away party.

Dellinger was the subject of numerous citizen complaints in Grantsville, including the delivery of a Concealed Weapons Class which was rejected by Calhoun Sheriff Carl Ballengee.

Dellinger reportedly collected money from individuals for the class, although he was not certified to give the course.

The money has not been returned.

The Grantsville detachment of the State Police are reportedly investigating Dellinger regarding that situation.


Former Braxton County Deputy Sheriff C. S. “Shane” Dellinger, who more recently served as a volunteer policeman for the Town of Grantsville, has been charged with six counts of embezzlement.

Dellinger is being charged for allegedly falsifying records or accounts in order to defraud the State of West Virginia of money from a drunk driving grant issued to Braxton County.

The charges indicate Dellinger claimed he was doing work for the program, when records indicate he was not.

The charges were filed in Kanawha County. Dellinger posted bond and was released.

Dellinger is reportedly being investigated for problems that surfaced while engaged with the Town of Grantsville.

The officer allegedly gave a concealed weapons class in Grantsville, collecting money, when he apparently did not have the appropriate credentials. The money has not been returned.

6/06/2007 Former Grantsville Volunteer Policeman Under Investigation

 This is a story about a volunteer police officer who was giving a concealed weapons course in the area using false credentials. This person was brought to our attention a few months ago when it was discovered that he had posted a MYSPACE page with questionable content. With his motto being “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out”, and something to the effect of “call the best, call SWAT”, his character was called into question – after all, he WAS only a volunteer cop, he later removed the offensive items from his myspace page.

I seriously question the motives of these courses to begin with. I recently saw a poster advertising these classes. It was printed on a TARGET. No, not a bullseye target, but the outline of a human body, with a scoring system which gave the most points for shoot-to-kill hits in the head and torso area and least points for hits in legs, arms, and hands… I found the poster to be quite offensive, as anyone with a mind can see it’s intention is to encourage the death of another human being.

Who FINDS and HIRES these people??? What criteria must a “volunteer” police officer meet for heavens sake? Any? Or do their names just get pulled out of a hat because they express an interest in guns and power?

It’s high time that police officers, who are charged with the responsibility of “protecting” the public, and who are given the power to carry weapons and use them at their discretion, are held to a HIGHER standard. In fact ANY police officer should be held to a higher standard than your average citizen who generally has no training in such matters, and definately does not have the power that a police officer is given to effect another person’s life.

This article was taken from the HurHerald on 6-6-07

There is another problem with police creditability in Calhoun County.

A former volunteer police officer with the Grantsville Police Department is now under investigation by the State Police for allegedly using false credentials.

Sgt. C. Shane Dellinger has either been removed from duty or resigned, after he reportedly gave a concealed weapons class using credentials he did not have.

The Wirt County Sheriff is also looking into the matter, since Wirt residents reportedly took the class.

Calhoun Sheriff Carl Ballengee said Sgt. Dellinger did not produce adequate credentials showing he was qualified to give the class.

“He presented a certificate that was not proper,” said Ballengee, and “I contacted Charleston, who said he was not certified.”

Ballengee said he advised Dellinger he would not issue concealed weapons permits under such conditions, stating the class was not sanctioned by the Calhoun Sheriff’s Department.

The number of individuals who took the $35 class has not been made available.

Dellinger, who was given the rank of sergeant by Grantsville Chief of Police J. D. Nicholson, reportedly had problems while serving as a sheriff’s deputy in Braxton County.

Nicholson indicated problems with volunteers have been corrected.

Braxton Sheriff Howard Carpenter indicated at the time Dellinger was on personal leave related to stress he was suffering from a divorce.