Imagine – Corrupt State Cops…

One of the most useful things a person can do is to have the ability to imagine themselves in “someone else’s shoes”. The understanding gained by this practice can move mountains. With this in mind, I’m going to ask you to read this story and create a mental picture of how YOU would feel, react, etc. if this were you…

First in this little adventure of the mind, think back in time to those days of your youth, perhaps from the ages of 17 thru 21. I doubt that there are very many of us who do not have some wild and wooly “growing up” stories to tell, and perhaps some that we would rather leave untold. But thankfully these times go past quickly and we can take solace in the knowledge that our experiences as young people, no matter how crazy they may have been, are a part of what has made us into what we are today. This was an important part of our education as growing humans, but we made it thru to the “other side”, the realities of being an average “responsible adult”.

But supposing you lived in a place where the police were simply merciless in refusing to allow you to leave your temporary “childhood insanity” behind. A place where no matter what you did or how much you grew up, no matter how you altered your adult life, that you must continue to live with knowing that even a simple trip to town to the movie theater with your girlfriend could become an intimidating nightmare of police harassment.

Imagine going into adulthood having a “serious criminal history” of things like having the wrong last name or the wrong parents. Past traffic infractions like speeding, turning left in a no turning zone, or improper registration. Or the notoriety of having been seen a few times with people with “bad reputations”…

Imagine being so disliked by the police due to these things that you cannot get their help in times of emergency. Imagine being shot in the leg by an intruder, going to the hospital, making a statement about the shooting to the police, and then being accused of committing an armed robbery instead of being helped. Imagine the police telling as many BALD FACED lies as it takes to try to turn things around from the actual facts in order to support their impossible fantasies. Imagine being harassed by the police over and over again due to this fiction which they created, your family being harassed and threatened, you being told SEVERAL TIMES that they have enough evidence to arrest you RIGHT NOW. But for some strange reason they just never happen to get around to it. Instead they manage to dream up some DIFFERENT reason to arrest you, almost a year and a half after THAT particular supposed crime occured, grabbing you at gunpoint while you are on your way to work. Obviously they had nothing to arrest you on to begin with, so they just kept at it until they did find something they could use. Then your family is seriously victimized by the police using yet more BLATANT AND BALD FACED lies to accomplish their goals while you are sitting in jail for something you did not do, and waiting for someone to come up with your bail.

Now imagine, once having been arrested, having to go to court for this drummed up charge for at LEAST a couple MORE years. Your case keeps being held over, over and over again. You go thru at least 5 different lawyers because they all either claim there is some “conflict of interest” having to do with one of these imagined crimes that the police created but you were never charged with, or deciding they cannot be your lawyer because you refuse to take a plea bargain and say you are guilty of something you are not. You have eye witnesses to your whereabouts and actions and physical proof that you are being blackmailed by someone who simply does not like you and has an agenda of lying to get you in trouble, but no one in the legal system seems interested in these things.

Meanwhile you are 3 years older and wiser, your entire life has changed, you no longer associate with those questionable characters whose mere presence in your life has caused so much distruction. You are STILL refusing to accept a plea bargain (admission of guilt) and therefore a permanent large stain on your record that will follow you for a very long time. It begins to look as if the powers that be are DESPERATE to get a conviction at this point due to all the time and money they have put into persecuting you. You current lawyer tells you that the prosecuting attorney “doesn’t like you”, insinuating it’s personal. And in all of the State Police’s manipulation and lies, they grow even more determined to find ANYTHING they can pin on you so they can save face.

*Now, at this juncture, before you say anything and before I continue, I will say that this story is irrefutably and ABSOLUTELY TRUE with some details left out in order to save space and for legal reasons. This story WILL eventually be completed in its entirety and widely published as yet ANOTHER case of corruption, this time in ROANE COUNTY WV, comes to light. The editors of Calhoun Underground have connected with “people in high places” who are interested in this story and the possibilities of the entire Roane and Calhoun corruption scandal becoming national news grows daily.

And now for the rest of the story up to date.

…Continue to imagine still, being this harassed and hounded victim of the legal system. Imagine having stayed home and rarely going out in public for a couple years, feeling that perhaps the best thing to do is to stay “out of sight out of mind”. But a young person NEEDS some social life other than just his immediate neighborhood. And so you decide to go to Spencer to the movies. Your plan is to catch a ride with neighbors, go to a friends house and hang out there until it’s time to meet your girlfriend and the movie starts. It’s mid afternoon and you are in the town center. You get dropped off on the corner and proceed to walk the 3 blocks to your friend’s house. You barely make it across the street before two of Roane County’s most “dilligent” uniformed State Pests swoop down upon you, causing a public scene. They immediately tell you that they have THREE warrants for your arrest!!! They search you and grill you about someone they know perfectly well you don’t associate with any more and pretend to be completely unaware that the individual they are grilling you about has been sitting in jail for over a month. So, you are detained, told you are being arrested for WHAT? You are searched, humiliated and threatened in public in the middle of town in the middle of the day. Now, GUESS what happenes next. You will NEVER guess. But I dare you, just for fun…


….Now that you have thought about this a while and made an educated guess, here is the correct answer. Let’s see how many guessed correctly…

The police look at you and say they WERE JUST KIDDING, there are no warrants for your arrest! And then they simply drive away.

This actually HAPPENED yesterday afternoon in downtown Spencer. You can discount the entire rest of the story if you like, based upon your own personal opinions and judgements, but the ultimate FACT that these officers detained ANY individual by making them THINK they were under arrest and then just telling him it was a joke and laughing about it is, putting it mildly, blatant HARASSMENT. Yes, there will be an official complaint filed. It is already known that these so-called official complaints do nothing due to the buddy system within ranks of these “public service” nuisances, but at least it will hopefully go on record…

Just don’t forget, YOUR TAX DOLLARS are footing the bill so that these bullies can be PAID to intimidate and TERRORIZE you, your friends, and your neighbors.

We live in a time when terrorism is the keyword when it comes to an excuse for having your life disrupted from the norms everyone has been used to for many years. We are ALL seen as terrorists until we can prove we are innocent. But that is backwards thinking that only the REAL criminals seem to believe. The police ARE the terrorists. They think if they can scare folks enough they can make their jobs easier. However, nobody ever claimed that cops were the sharpest tack in the box. Because what is actually happening is that they are getting so bad that even your ORDINARY “blind” and “sheep-like” citizen can see it. Evil enough to be corrupt but not smart enough to hide it.

If anyone reading this wants or needs to know the offending “enemy combatant officers” identities, just ask. However, I’d bet my bottom dollar that anyone with some experience with either of these corrupt and dangerous cops will KNOW who they are without having to ask.

SO, what would YOU do if it were you?

Don’t Move Or I’ll Shoot


6-29-07 State Police Causing More Trouble

Once again in the news. The MOST infamous State Trooper of Calhoun County, along with his  sidekick J.M. answered a domestic violence call on 6-29. Being no stranger to the individuals living there, who have called the police numerous times on each other as well as many people unfortunate enough to be associated with them, the officers were fully aware of ongoing problems in the household.

One would expect that when police are called for domestic violence, their ultimate duty would be to defuse the situation. But running true to form, Mr. State Trooper did everything he could to instigate even more trouble by making false and damning accusations about the individual that the fight got started over to begin with.

Take away the uniform, the badge, the gun, and all that is left is a vindictive, evil gossip, whose every motive is to “stir shit” between people already having trouble getting along. Certainly this has all the earmarks of a job security tactic employed to insure that there will be future domestic violence calls relating to these same individuals. In other words, a great way to keep your nose planted firmly up someone’s behind while appearing to be “doing your job”.

Unfortunately, these types of unprofessional tactics are common practice, and the end result can and sometimes does lead to serious trouble. Is the creation  and instigation of dangerous situations among the population part of the State Police’s job description?

If you thought the State Police were here to “protect and serve” you were seriously wrong.

They’re at it again…

Saturday, March 31, 2007 — 1:11 am. There is a meth lab bust happening on Jesse’s run right now as we speak. Yay, but the greenshrt idiots are at it again. My son, who, granted, had no business out driving at all, was pulled over with his friends while driving down Jesse’s Run, about a half a mile from his home. Wrong place, wrong time. Great. $140 bucks to get my car out of impound, and I didn’t know he even had it out… The officers did an illegal search of the car AND passengers, with no probable cause and not a damn thing illegal about the car. Trooper Jackson made a young female passenger lift her shirt and patted her down. They invented totally bogus excuses for why they pulled him over. “Defective equipment” because the license plate light mysteriously vanished into thin air ON THE SPOT, and “left of center” for petes sake!!!! On Jesse’s Run? Oh come on now. It’s not even a two lane road! OK, so what is this all about? “WHERE’S DAVE RHODES?” That was the million dollar question. Trooper JACKSON and TROOPER FISHER proceeded to tell my son’s friends that they would DROP ALL CHARGES against my son if he would tell them “WHERE IS DAVE RHODES”. They  were harassed, cussed at, threatened. The troopers acted just like vulgur baboons. One of them asked my son “How are your balls?” or something to that effect. Oh how professional, we are all duly impressed… One girl was told BY TROOPER JACKSON that she would be arrested if she did not tell where DAVE RHODES was. Guess what? She DOESN’T EVEN KNOW Dave Rhodes, but that does not matter to them. She asked how he could arrest her because she had not done anything and was simply a passenger, and Jackson said “we could MAKE SOMETHING UP”. Yea, you heard that right. WV’s finest showing their true colors. And the kicker? I KNOW that yesterday afternoon someone called the anonymous tip hotline and TOLD the police how to find MR.RHODES. Guess they don’t check their messages often enough…

Ok, now I see how this works. They let one of the most notorious crank dealer/cooks in 3 counties loose over and over again, at least 4 times, and no matter how high the bail is, someone, somehow always manages to have the money. Who is that rich around here, anyhow? He must have some GREAT money connections! But his being on the run gives such a perfect excuse to harass innocent people. Hey, so you got a meth lab. GOOD FOR YOU. Nobody hates meth any more than I do. Maybe it’ll cut down on traffic a little. Congratulations. But must you mistreat a group of young folks who are doing basically nothing wrong, simply because they happen to come down the road? It IS a public road you know.

I would guess that you green shirts ALREADY knew where DAVE RHODES was anyhow, and were just using that as an excuse for terrorising people…

OK, so that’s what you get at 1:30 in the morning from somebody who got woke up to all this and knows perfectly well what’s goin’ on. Well, so I get to go rescue my car in the morning, IF it is even DRIVABLE after the goon squad got done tearing it apart and slamming it, and I’ll let the WORLD know if there are any damages.

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Documenting State Police activity 3-4-07

Intimidation, human nature and the power of reason.

Last night a friend of mine drove to the store. While at the store, this friend was approached by one of our illustrious “public servants” WHOSE NAME I WILL NOT MENTION. It appears that this trooper found it necessary and proper to discuss my husbands legal case with my friend. He tried to appear as if he knew something about what the outcome of those legal proceedings would be. I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems as if this subject matter would probably be better left within the confines of the courthouse walls. It seems to be somewhat akin to a situation in which you have been ill and in the hospital, and an official from the hospital decides to stop an acquaintance of yours on the street and discuss your health issues with them. This unofficial gossip does not appear to be particularly professional, nor does it seem as if it should be considered proper conduct.

And human nature demands that when things like this happen you have questions, the biggest one being, how would he know anything about it? Has he been discussing this case with the prosecuting attorney, or the judge behind closed doors? Is this the current gossip down at the barracks? Has this case already been decided out of court without my husbands knowledge? Without his lawyer or his testimony? And why does he think this is any of his or my friends business anyhow? He already “did his job”, however shoddy. His opinion is no longer needed until the actual court date.

After analyzing these questions, I find that it IS possible that this is all the current gossip. It certainly is possible that the boys have been going at it behind closed doors. But the reality of the situation is that he knew perfectly well that this meeting at the store and the topics discussed would get back to me. Simple intimidation tactics? Probably. Very typical. But most likely this was just a fishing expedition. Try to get the guy to be forthcoming with some information to be used against someone later in court. In other words, being a typical sneaky, underhanded and deceiving state cop. No more, no less.

The next issue discussed was that of this website. This particular trooper who will still remain unnamed stated that he felt that I had made him look bad. Wow. This is a VERY TELLING statement! I find it particularly interesting due to the fact that I have NEVER actually used his name in any of my news reporting. Ah! A clue! The only way he could have felt he had been made to look bad is if people he knew, worked with, or lived with had said something to him about it. Did it make him look bad to THEM? Did he get in trouble? Did his wife complain? And just how did I make HIM look bad? I did nothing but speak truth. If he is afraid of looking bad in the face of truth, then he maybe should rethink his agenda. The actual truth is that HE made HIMSELF look bad. Yes, it is actually possible that a person has to take some responsibility for their actions! Just the fact that he appears to be concerned about having looked bad is a good sign. It means that this website is accomplishing something. Hint of the day, if you don’t want to have to worry about doing things that make you look bad, don’t do them.

Of course, a person who simply blames others for “making them look bad” is NOT taking responsibility for what they do, but only passing the buck and blaming someone else. This is the difference between being an honorable and honest person or not. An honorable and honest person would admit that they did something that made themselves look bad. They would have a conscience in regards to their actions. They would actually have to admit that perhaps they were wrong. OK, so maybe he can use the excuse that he was “just doing his job”, but if there is no room for honesty, honor, and compassion in your profession, then it’s time to look for a new job. Unless of course you LIKE being a hard and cold robot, unless you don’t mind “looking bad”. But then that doesn’t make you a very good person, now does it?

In reality, this trooper obviously wanted me to find out that he was not happy with this website. More common intimidation tactics. But it also says that they are actually READING the site. And I DID put up an awful lot of questions some time ago which remain unanswered. So by power of deduction, I can assume that they are either AFRAID to answer them, or they do not wish to appear as if they are working WITH the citizens of this county, but rather AGAINST us. None the less, my response to that may not be what you might expect, because it makes me want to say thank you! You have made me feel as if this website is actually having some impact. Thank you for giving me some encouragement that this site could be starting to make a difference! I must be doing a good job.

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