The U.S. Versus John Lennon

Here is a GREAT documentary movie for anyone interested in 60’s and early 70’s history during the Viet Nam War and the Nixon Administration. The true story of John Lennon’s life, his effect on the United States Government, and his eventual assasination. With interviews by Yoko Ono, and various persons in government and in the news at the time. I found it at the Movie Gallery in the “new release” section.

Now, I have a question. We NEED people like John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, and all the rest, NOW, more than ever. And I want to know, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?

Now I have an answer. People like them, are US. NOT someone else. WE have to be the ones. Not wait for someone else to do it. What if John Lennon simply waited for someone else? What if all the famous activists of the time sat around waiting for someone else to do it?

Come on people now, smile on your brother, every body get together, gonna love one another right now….

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