Why does it not surprise me that Calhoun County has not yet gotten on the bandwagon of trash clean-up? I have got to say the apathy in this area is astounding. Next time you drive down ANY road in this county (or the state for that matter), take a moment to really NOTICE the trash laying along the roadsides. And by the way, there is 5 times the amount laying DOWN over the bank as there is on the uphill side which is easier to see…

Many years ago, I lived on a road that led to the town dump. The litter along that road was thick from trash falling off trucks enroute. The roadsides around here look the same. It is apalling, and I can’t understand why no one does anything about it. Waiting for someone else to do it? Didn’t notice, maybe? (Better see the optomitrist then) Of course, cleaning it up is only half of the problem.

The other half is getting the litterbugs to STOP tossing. There are some real winners out there. I spent 2 weeks very noticably picking up trash along Jesses Run a few years ago, and no sooner would I get one section done than somebody would come along and start throwing trash right where I had just finished. A certain State Trooper’s wife was one of the worst…

Personally, it does not matter if Calhoun joins in some organised trash pickup or not. We as individuals can do more to accomplish cleaning up than any “organization”. I STRONGLY urge EVERYONE who lives on any one of Calhoun’s roads, either land owners or renters, to simply take responsibility for picking up the trash along your own boundaries. Perhaps take time to do some neighboring property if it is uninhabited. Believe me, if you are into recycling aluminum, at least HALF of all the trash seems to be cans. That doesn’t mean just picking up the cans and leaving the rest there. Pick up the damn trash! ALL OF IT! And figure the price of aluminum is your pay. That, and for once having roadsides that reflect the beauty of our area and not looking like one big long road to the dump. The dept of Highways will even help dispose of it!

Anyhow, take it from the authority on picking up other people’s garbage, it makes you feel better to know that at least SOMEONE cares, even if it IS yourself…

Hey, I want one of those neat “adopt a highway” signs!!!

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