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I only read the headlines and immediately guessed that he must have either shot himself or another Trooper did it for him… Once I stopped laughing, I thought this one deserved a HUGE gold star. Certainly I am glad that he did not shoot himself in the head, and that it was only a minor injury, but what does this say about his ability and training in firearms?

Of course we only ASSUME that this is the true story. He COULD have been shot doing something he should not have been doing, perhaps walking around with the injury for DAYS before going to the hospital, and only SAID it was an accident. This is how the State Police reason things after all……


Grantsville state policeman Sgt. C. J. Ellyson accidentally shot himself in the calf of his leg Wednesday while off-duty at his residence in Kanawha County.

The gun was Ellyson’s personal weapon that he has just purchased and was putting together, according to Sgt. Dale Fluharty, the detachment commander.

Ellyson was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center were he was treated and released.

“The bullet entered and exited his leg”, said Fluharty, indicating he would likely be off-duty for about a week.

Sgt. Ellyson replaced Sgt. Darrin Campbell at the Grantsville detachment after he fell from a ladder at the State Police barracks last summer. He reportedly suffered a back injury and has not returned to duty.

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