More Bad News…

… For the typical West Virginian. Seems our legislators have finally completely lost all their marbles. Yes, the rumor is true about some fool wanting to ban the sale of Barbie dolls in WV! This has become the latest WV joke NATIONALLY. But that’s not what this article is all about.

Oh, this definitely gives insight into the WV legislator mentality, for sure. But there is something much more sinister than Barbie to worry about.

It seems that there is a bill proposed which seeks to drug test anyone who applies for welfare, foodstamps, or unemployment benefits in the state.

Now, there are already several existing remedies for the use of illegal drugs in this state, some of which you may not know anything about, and some you are already familiar with. We already know how effective police officers and the legal system are at treating the serious problems related to drug use and addiction. And we are already quite familiar with the methods used by the medical profession. But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

First of all and most commonly, we have drug testing for those individuals who want to go to work. You don’t test “clean” you are not allowed to have a “real” job.

Relatively recently, it seems that going to the doctors office for a medical condition will also get you drug tested, and if you are discovered to have some illegal or un-prescribed drug in your system, the doctors now have the option to REFUSE treatment of your condition. So, now, you don’t test clean, you are not allowed to have medical treatment.

But that is only the start of the bad news.

There is now a bill before the WV legislators that would seek, ONLY IN WV so far, to drug test all those who would sign up for food stamps, welfare, and unemployment benefits! This will CERTAINLY cure the drug problem!!!!! Right?

Anyone who chooses to do ANY illegal drugs will no longer be allowed to have money or food! So, no medical treatment, no jobs, no money, no food. Yes, that will surely fix everything!

But, does anyone actually have a clue what will REALLY happen if this becomes law? So far, no amount of laws, police, jail, death by overdose, divorce, or anything else has made any impact what-so-ever in stemming the DANGEROUS use of drugs. Let alone the totally UN-dangerous use of marijuana.

So what makes this any different? The difference will be that there will be a huge growth in homeless, moneyless, foodless, jobless drug addicts for starters. These are the folks who NEED the drugs to feel normal and will do anything to get them. The crime rate will go thru the roof from theft AND violent crime will be more common. The already ridiculously full jails will get fuller, and more will have to be built to accomodate.

Many people who are otherwise law abiding citizens at this point will turn to other means of survival including DRUG DEALING to get their money. And some individuals will go underground, thus making it HARDER for “big brother” to keep track of them, tax them, or manipulate them.

In other words, this is not going to stop or even slow down the illegal drug business, just create a new set of  problems for everyone, and create more “criminals” for the legal system to deal with. And with it already taking at least 4 to 5 years to get a case through the court system, look for the time it takes to increase…

If this bill passes, you will be seeing many more homeless on the streets. Even in your small towns. Look for more pan handlers asking for spare change. Look for the community cupboards and any churches offering assistance to be overwhelmed with requests for help. You will need to be much more aware of who comes and goes at your home. You will probably need to place armed guards near your front door and your gardens…

I see only one FAIR thing for the legislators to do if they MUST pass this barbaric and totally un-compassionate law, and that would be: If you are prepared to totally kick  out anyone doing any sort of illegal “drugs”, and remove them from “your” system all together, at that point you should simply allow those people to do their drugs without fear of retaliation! Surely if you are heartless enough to starve out the drug users and cause them to no longer be members of this society, then you should allow them the actual FREEDOM to not be members of this society if they so choose!!!

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