Don’t Move Or I’ll Shoot


6-29-07 State Police Causing More Trouble

Once again in the news. The MOST infamous State Trooper of Calhoun County, along with his  sidekick J.M. answered a domestic violence call on 6-29. Being no stranger to the individuals living there, who have called the police numerous times on each other as well as many people unfortunate enough to be associated with them, the officers were fully aware of ongoing problems in the household.

One would expect that when police are called for domestic violence, their ultimate duty would be to defuse the situation. But running true to form, Mr. State Trooper did everything he could to instigate even more trouble by making false and damning accusations about the individual that the fight got started over to begin with.

Take away the uniform, the badge, the gun, and all that is left is a vindictive, evil gossip, whose every motive is to “stir shit” between people already having trouble getting along. Certainly this has all the earmarks of a job security tactic employed to insure that there will be future domestic violence calls relating to these same individuals. In other words, a great way to keep your nose planted firmly up someone’s behind while appearing to be “doing your job”.

Unfortunately, these types of unprofessional tactics are common practice, and the end result can and sometimes does lead to serious trouble. Is the creation  and instigation of dangerous situations among the population part of the State Police’s job description?

If you thought the State Police were here to “protect and serve” you were seriously wrong.