Ronnie Gordon Goes Down in Flames

Thanks to the hard work and DILLIGENCE of the Judge and Prosecuting Attorney, there is one less CORRUPT and CRIMINAL COP in the county. So, we’re on a roll now, keep it coming!

Thanks to Hurherald for great reporting:



Former police officer Gordon (striped shirt, center) enters
guilty plea on three counts before Judge Nibert, prosecutor Kirk
(standing left) and defense attorney Skaggs (standing right)
By Bob Weaver

Former Grantsville Police Chief Ronald Gordon plead guilty to three counts of sexual abuse in the first degree before Judge David Nibert, Tuesday.

Special prosecutor Tom Kirk said, Gordon is facing 1-5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for each count in the plea arrangement.

Judge Nibert carefully reviewed the plea agreement with Gordon, advising him he will be registered as a sex offender in the State of West Virginia.

Gordon and his attorney Ernie Skaggs acknowledged they understood the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Gordon was indicted on nine counts by a Calhoun grand jury earlier this year, accused of sexually abusing women under his supervision while he was Grantsville Police Chief and the county’s home confinement officer.

The former law officer had plead not guilty to the charges at that time.

Gordon has been on home confinement since August, 2006, he will continue on home confinement until his sentencing on January 2.

Prosecutor Kirk reviewed the three cases, saying that both circumstantial and direct evidence showed that Gordon sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl, who came forward as an adult to accuse Gordon of the act.

Kirk named two other Calhoun women who were victims of being sexually assaulted, against their consent or will.

The three women were part of counts one, six and eight in the indictment.

Defense attorney Ernie Skaggs told the court that Gordon could have been tried on federal civil rights violations, with a number of other additional charges, indicating the reason for Gordon pleading guilty to three counts.

Nine indictments were brought in May, Gordon was charged with:

– Four counts of sexual abuse in the first degree

– Two counts of sexual assault in the second degree

– One count of sexual abuse in the second degree

– One count of attempt to commit sexual assault in the second degree

– One count of nighttime burglary

Several more to go. Several more need to be investigated. This could actually be the START of something GOOD.Amen.