Questions we always wanted to ask:

Let’s assume that sooner or later the powers that be will be unhappily reading this blog. They’ll probably get angry as someone probably would, being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. There is no avenue for a meeting of minds and opinions in a situation where there is such a huge gulf between the “authorities” and the “common people”. I think there might be some questions that folks would really like answered in our quest for knowledge. Maybe we can lessen the “us versus them” situation a tiny bit with some understanding. So, put your thinking caps on and post your questions here.

I’ll start. Sorry if the questions are a little too straighforeward.

1. When you want to get a search warrant and there may not really be probable cause because the “facts” are sketchy, do you just mislead the magistrate or are they actually in on it?

2. When you do an “investigation” on someone, do you research or consult the files about that person on your computers, or do you just go full steam ahead with plans anyhow knowing that you won’t get in trouble? Is it actually possible to do an thorough investigation in just a couple hours?

3. Is it standard procedure to tell lies and make threats to people being detained/interviewed? Is this actually a part of police training?

4. Is there some type of list or cultural profiling that goes on in the determination of who to target for harassment?

5. Do State troopers have immunity from being fired no matter what they do as long as it isn’t blatant premeditated murder? Or is that allowed too?

6. Why is it acceptable for huge exaggerations and outright lies to be given to the media for them to print and broadcast?

7. Am I a target?

I realise this blog may not go over too well in some circles. I will assume that there could be some good old fashioned “get even”. But there appear to be quite a lot of readers out there (191 just today!!!). And I wonder how much effort the authorities can really put into silencing those of us who would only tell “the rest of the story” without making it obvious that they don’t want their secrets to come out? It might be the “get even” thing to do in the short run, but it probably wouldn’t make them look any more honorable to the “average” citizen.
Far better, in this “us versus them” scenario to invite those who disagree to debate, answer our questions, post your own. We COULD all peacefully coexist if there were meaningful two way dialogue, honesty, and a willingness to work together to make things better… So, prove there is no police state. I dare you.

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