Ron Paul Wins!

By Calhoununderground | March 7, 2008

It’s time for some straight forward honesty and for looking at the bigger picture. I don’t believe too many folks here actually really think that Ron Paul can win the presidential election unless the evil players finally anger enough citizens to make a big difference. Which is ALWAYS possible at some point, of course. But that does not mean anything except that the majority of citizens either don’t know about him, spend too much time listening to what MSM tells them, or do not understand what is at stake here. The truth of the matter is that Ron Paul has ALREADY won. Because of his message and leadership qualities, and the fact that there are many of us who have been disenfranchised for nearly all our lives, living within a system that we cannot support, who have simply been waiting for the appropriate leader to help direct us out of this mess. Ron Paul is that catalyst for change that we have waited for since the 60’s. And before this is over, he may not “win” the “official” presidency, but he may very well be OUR president anyhow. Perhaps he already is…

I would bet all the money I have that Obama will “win” the election and I will be the first to say so. He will win for a number of reasons, mainly so that we can appear like such a WONDERFULLY non-racist country as to “elect” a non-white. Also because as a non-white, he will most certainly do everything he can to make all the “right” people like him. Hillary is too much of a wild card. Certainly McCain is not so dumb that he does not understand that the majority HATE George Bush and want the war to END, and so aligning himself with Bush is his ticket to lose. I would say in my humble opinion that is being done ON PURPOSE to eliminate him from the “viable” candidates list.

And so, we sit here on the eve of our destruction as a free nation and morn the fact that nobody pays attention to the only honest and REAL individual of the bunch. Well, WE are paying attention, and we know what’s going on, and we cannot support a tyrannical government. No matter WHO wins, we cannot let ourselves be bullied or railroaded by phony people we did not vote for and do not believe in.

Now, understand, I am not laying all the power on Ron Paul’s shoulders. WE as thinking citizens, are the ones with the REAL power, Ron is just a unifying force in a society which seems to be mainly followers with few leaders. We have begun a revolution for real, based on oppression and the spark that Ron Paul has kindled. Too many people seem to be confused about this revolution. Many folks think the only way to have a revolution is to be violent, and that too has begun. There are also many who think most people are to apathetic to HAVE a revolution, but those who believe that ARE the apathetic ones. The revolution has already begun, right under their noses, and they don’t even see it.

Most folks expect and actually demand that a revolution, in order to be effective, must encompass huge groups of people all doing the same thing at the same time. While this would be nice, it is very nearly impossible to organize something of that nature. Everyone has their own ideas. Ron Paul has stated that the revolution is up to US, and that is the truth.

So, to sum this up I would say, to those of you with leadership abilities, aid in leading this revolution. To those with organizational qualities, start organizing. To those with the energy required to do great things, begin acting. To those with intelligence and wisdom, begin educating. To those with honor, set a good example. And to those with courage, begin living the life you WANT.

All these are small pieces to a huge and as yet unfinished puzzle. We don’t have to take the world by storm. We don’t need to have millions all in one place at any one time. QUALITY is just as effective as QUANTITY. An act here, a rally there, gatherings, get togethers, personal passive acts of resistance every single day. These are the things that when put together as a whole will show those insane criminals who fancy themselves to be “in power” what we are really made of. There WILL be violence, and we cannot do anything about that. But rather than argue amongst ourselves, we simple should do what we feel is RIGHT.

Personally I don’t NEED a leader. I tend more towards BEING one. But if I WANTED one, I would simply declare that RON PAUL IS MY PRESIDENT. Regardless of the outcome of our fraudulent elections.

March 6 2008 Statement from Ron Paul

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