Mysterious Blue Haze Envelopes Charleston, Nobody’s Worried…

Just a short note here on this wintry morning. Now, maybe I’ve read too many alternative news stories, maybe I’m just getting paranoid (who isn’t?) Maybe I’m taking George Orwell way too seriously, OR maybe I’m finally getting how this all works. Because let’s face it, times are getting WEIRD.

Did everyone hear about the “Mysterious Blue Haze” which covered our State Capitol of Charleston all the way to Saint Albans and beyond yesterday? Last seen heading towards Putnam County. No, I’m not kidding! It was apparently so thick in places that it rivalled that old familiar pea soup you’ve heard so much about, except that it was blue… It also reportedly had a chlorine type smell which seemed to bother peoples eyes and give assorted folks headaches. Lots of fingers were pointed as to where it came from, but after the initial warning telling people IN THE ENTIRE KANAWAH COUNTY AREA to stay indoors “if it bothered them”, the entire incident seems to be dissipating just like the mysterious fog was claimed to have done.

According to “official” media reports, nobody knows what it was or where it came from. Nobody in the Chemical Valley is “fessing up” to toxic spills or leaks. Investigators are coming up empty-handed.

Come on now folks! That was an AWFUL BIG AREA that was affected by that cloud. Enough to cause something resembling a mild panic among people in an entire city. Of course you can be certain that if there would have been a serious poisonous crisis floating about, the powers that be would have pretty much done JUST what they did yesterday; tell folks to stay indoors if it bothered them. Because if they decided to let an entire city full of people know they were about to be poisoned and tried to evacuate, just think what would have happened…

Remember, the media told everyone over and over again that the authorities DID NOT KNOW WHAT IT WAS OR WHERE IT WAS COMING FROM. So how did they know it was safe to only stay inside if it “bothered” you??? How can a situation so large be silently swept under the rug? In record time I might add. By the next day, no word on anything. Nobody knows. Don’t worry about it… At best this is terrible non-reporting by the media.

Now here comes the paranoid part. Just coincidentally on this very same day, at the very same time this was going on , our infamous King George Bush the 2nd just happened to be at a meeting at the GREENBRIER HOTEL in the very same state that this huge and mysterious fog appeared in. Ok, I know, I know, but nonetheless, the local officials blew off the entire “blue haze” thing to the public. Meanwhile, George Bush is just a stone’s throw away by hillbilly standards, in another part of the state having a tea party with other folks who are in process of shaping our futures as humans. And NOBODY seemed to be concerned about anything at all. Anywhere. Maybe it IS true that fluoride makes you stupid*…. *(Google “fluoride and Hitler”)

And just to add a bit to this very odd story/set of coincidences, in case you didn’t already know, underneath the Greenbrier Hotel and Resort is an UNDERGROUND BUNKER which was specifically built to house and protect selected politicians during national emergencies. SOME of this bunker has apparently been opened to the public but not ALL… I don’t know, someone with more time on their hands than I needs to research this some more, but I think that all this put together as one story is absolutely BIZARRE! There are way too many missing pieces to this puzzle. Any comments?