And God Said “Let there be Justice”

The Calhoun County legal establishment received an UNPRECEDENTED warning FROM THE BOSS during the recent storms, in which the court house annex was literally STRUCK BY LIGHTENING. Apparently, removing GOD from the Court House is frowned upon by the powers that be. In an attempt to communicate to the Calhoun County “authorities” that they have overstepped their bounds in assuming their great importance and falsely acted in GODS place thereby overruling his laws, damage to the court house annex was kept to a minimum. This warning, if it continues to be ignored, will most likely result in future lightening strikes to the court house itself, if not much worse damage. “Vengence is mine”, sayeth the Lord.

Reprinted from the Hurherald.




Direct strike on chimney dislodges cut stones.
Calhoun commissioner Rick Sampson examines
damage by stones to porch roof and furniture.

A direct lightning strike to a chimney on the Calhoun Courthouse annex (old jail building) yesterday evening sent cut stones flying.

There was disruption of power in the building and some problems with computers, but there was no fire, said Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department officer, Dave Johnson.

A storm swept through the area, bringing much needed rain at 7 p.m.

Risk posed for traffic and pedestrians on back street with
several of the historic building’s slate shingles destroyed.

Grantsville residents saw the flash and heard the strike. Pieces of the chimney fell to the street behind the courthouse and rolled down the roof, crashing through an aluminum porch awning.

Pieces of the original slate roofing shingles were also damaged on the historic building.

County commission president Rick Sampson said he hopes shingles matching the original ones can be found.

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Welcome to the Future.

I’ve read alot of futuristic books and watched a lot of “science fiction” movies based in some disturbing future where everything and everyone is controlled by computers, everyone is “chipped” with tracking devices, and the robots are in charge. Some pretty creeped out stuff, isn’t it? So, why does no one seem to realize that all that futuristic, scary stuff is NOW?

I get up in the morning and read the headlines on my favorite news site and I am instantly transported into a bad deja-vu. I’ve seen this somewhere before. I feel as if somehow I never woke up and I am dreaming about a crazy movie I saw last week. Except that I AM awake and it’s TODAY, and this stuff is HAPPENING in real time.

I curse the still frozen water pipes, fantasizing what a nice hot shower would feel like and spend the morning drowning in paperwork like some frenzied secretary. I daydream about how it would have been done a hundred years ago. Back then the only thing I would be cursing is my water bucket and it only took ONE signature and a handshake to get something done.

OK, so, I drive down to town and try to get some things accomplished. But I find that no one can think without their computer telling them what to say. I am watched by the all-seeing eye from the time I arrive at the gas station until I leave Wally World, by a variety of surveillance cameras placed in strategic places all over town. I’ll probably go to hell eventually for not coming to complete stops at some of the stop signs…

I stand in line watching the people ahead of me, mired in the computerised red tape nightmare of credit cards, food stamp cards, gift cards and the like when the scanner refuses to operate correctly. It takes 10 minutes and two cashiers to figure out a dollar purchase.

And you can’t help but notice and reflect on the occasional, far-too-clean-cut-to-be-real, suited and tied business man. Does it ever occur to any of them that they stick out like sore thumbs in the crowds of “just plain folks”? Why does “business” require you to be so DIFFERENT? Is it some kind of statement? “I’m so far above you that I’m not even in your world” sort of thing? Do shaved heads, neckties and shiny loafers make people smarter? Because all I can see is that a “suit”, all squeeky clean, stiff and proper, makes folks like MOST of us feel a bit edgy. Wouldn’t it be easier to do business with people if you made them feel comfortable? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if the fellow you were dealing with seemed HUMAN?

So, I went from one business to another, groceries to postoffice and in between. And everything is just like in that creepy movie I saw somewhere, what was it called?

Who ARE all these people, the ones who truely seem like if they were to smile their faces would surely crack? Some of them are as personalityless as robots. Some of them seem to barely be able to understand the english language, unsuccessfully trying to awaken from their zomby like state of “secretaryhood” long enough to actually THINK about something asked. And some seem as if their entire existance revolves around making change and the ever emotionless “Have a nice day”.

I find it somehow insulting that the the greeter (royal keeper of the door and carts) at Wally World must actually be PAID to stand there and pretend she is SO glad to see me every time I walk thru the doors, as if I were a long lost friend. But if I passed her on the street, she wouldn’t even nod. It doesn’t matter tho, because nobody pays any attention anyhow. I’m stopped on the street by an acquaintance who pretends to be friendly and askes after my family, but as soon as I begin to answer, someone more interesting comes up and my answer goes into the wind, unheard. It’s the same everywhere. I find it a welcome relief to stumble upon someone who actually LISTENS to what is said and then responds accordingly. I actually know many people who I’ve never been able to have ANY kind of conversation with because they never hear ANYTHING anyone says, constantly talking over top of each other like chattering squirrels. What makes folks like that?

Well, I guess what I’m trying to get at is that for some reason folks just seem to be turning into robots. Is it something in the drinking water? The air? Is everyone somehow drugged or hypnotized by undetectable sound waves? Why is nearly everyone asleep? Do they ALL think they are dreaming and that one day they will wake up and somehow things will still be running smoothly? Or do they see no need to wake up at all? Well, I have some news for them. Things are happening RIGHT NOW, in THIS world, some of them not so nice. But folks just walk on by shaking their heads and saying to themselves, “those kind of things only happen to bad people, it’s their problem, not mine”. They’re too busy running home to watch the Young and Restless on TV to get involved.

We’re going straight down the path of our worst sifi nightmares and most are doing it with eyes firmly closed. The “night of the living dead” come true. Does working a steady job do that to people? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Think about slavery a minute. Statistics say that your “average” couple with the average number of kids and living the average all-American lifestyle will have to work until MAY of every year in order to simply pay their taxes. Their lives become nothing more than one continuous trip to and from work, living to work, spending 90% of their time doing and running for someone else. And no time for the kids, who must be raised by babysitters, teachers, and the TV. Most people are only one or two paychecks away from being homeless. Bills, car payments, mortgages, credit card payments, insurance, and if you’re lucky you get to eat.

Taxes. By the time a product gets into your hands, brought to you by Walmart, it has been taxed over and over again until the actual value is long ago lost. A head of lettuce; the lettuce farmer is taxed on his land, his seeds, his lettuce planting equipment. He pays income tax on anything he makes. The company that buys the head of lettuce pays sales tax on it too, plus tax on gas, oil, the truck it’s hauled in, the plates, license and all. Taxes coming and going for the employee who drives the truck. The lettuce makes it to the store, more tax in and out, until finally you get it home and eat it. And in the end you might pay a sewer bill and of course the taxes on your home… You see where I’m going with this. Taxes into infinity on everything imaginable. And they call this “freedom”.

Well, there have always been some particularly evil folks who don’t treat others very well, but aside from that, at least most of the good, hard working slaves back in the old days were assured of having food and a roof over their heads.

And then there is that weird stuff called “progress”. But think about it. If you could somehow MEASURE the red tape-paperwork legal hassle-rat race-pain in the ass-mandatory bullshit-you-have-to-do-just-to-stay-alive, and put it on paper where we could all actually SEE it charted, it would look like everyone was buried alive in a mountain of spaghetti and pretzels. What genius sits and thinks up all these ridiculous laws and regulations for our personal lives? What brainiac ordered all those “necessary” tons and mountains of paperwork on which your signature must appear at least three times per page, and your entire life history is mapped out for all to read? And WHO in their right mind ever invented things like “consolidation”?

I guess I must have missed something in school, because I always thought “progress” meant to move forward. But if this can be considered progress then I am afraid to see where exactly we are moving forward to. The movies and books will have to become even MORE outrageous, just to outpace reality. Perhaps they will make no sense at all, but it won’t matter because no one will be paying attention anyhow. They’ll all be asleep with their eyes open. Welcome to the future.

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The Rumor

I’ll just assume that no one would be crazy enough to think I actually know what I’m talking about, and hope anyone would have enough sense to know that this story can’t possibly be anything other than a fairy tale. But from where I’m sitting, it all makes perfect sense.

There’s a rumor been going ’round. But it’s not the kind of rumor you take out in public to air among the gossipy folks. It’s one of those under-the-covers, back room rumors that you only hear in whispers with the lights turned off.
Well, I was hangin’ around in the back room the other night in the dark under a bunch of blankets when someone came up and whispered something in my ear, and this is what they said. But you’re not gonna believe it.

I heard that Calhoun County has a shadow government. A few rich and powerful folks behind the scenes, pulling all the strings and giving all the orders. They’re the ones who REALLY control everything that happens ’round here. The ones the local “authorities” REALLY work for. There is a lot of money changing hands. Oh, it’s your typical shadow government alright. They have their little secret meetings with all the county officials and they hand out their orders. They are the ones who REALLY make all the decisions about what they’ll allow and not allow in their county. This fancy gang of powerful money people, they run a nice tight operation. They can’t have anybody finding out about them or interfering with their operations, you understand. There’s too much money riding on it. And if an “elected” official or a police officer won’t do as they are told, they can be and are regularly punished, humiliation being the favored method.

The mayor, the commissioners, the police, judge, prosecuting attorney, all of them are just puppets of the shadow government. They appear to you and me like they are running things, but they’re not. Not really. And most of them don’t even know what’s really going on. They just go on following orders from “higher up” and never even think about it. They figure they’re just “doin’ their jobs.” And if anybody actually TOLD ’em what’s really going on they’d NEVER believe it.

Well, then that whispering voice in the dark told me that one of the biggest and best kept secrets is that the shadow government of the county is getting it’s money partly from drug dealing and partly from the sale of “evidence” confiscated in busts and various other crimes, past and present. And they don’t like competition either. Takes money out of the pocket, you know. That’s why there are so many folks getting busted who just grow a little something for their own personal use. They’re not part of the money/drug operation so they have to be stopped. Makes a good show. Makes it look like the cops are doing something.

Of course, the shadow government can’t buy and sell the drugs personally, or the other items like the confiscated guns and whatnot, because they are much too secretive and cannot take the chance of being caught. So they decided to allow certain known drug dealers in the community to operate with impunity so long as they are properly connected in this secret drug ring web. Many of the actual drug dealers themselves don’t even realize that they are a part of some bigger picture of manipulation and corruption. They think they’re just “doin’ their jobs”. And if anybody let ’em in on the secret, they’d just say you been havin’ way too much fun.

I heard that many amazing and unbelievable methods of accomplishing their goals are used, in an attempt to completely control the pesky citizens who live ’round here. Long and sinister plans are conjured up in extreme detail, using the citizens like they were playing pieces in a giant monopoly game. Experts in psychology are called in and long lists of computerized statistics are consulted in order to play the game to it’s fullest and come as close as possible to obtaining their desired results. One reason that this is so important is that ALL the counties have their OWN shadow governments and they find great sport in BETTING large sums of money on the outcome of these games of power with no regard whatsoever to the actual lives of their playing pieces. Us in other words.

Which brings us to the big problem. The one that threatened to bring about their total destruction by exposing their evil intent. The thing that could bring to light their sinister plan to control the world. ‘Cause that’s what they are REALLY trying to do. And strangely enough, this big enemy of theirs is one of the main things they use
to finance their evil little club. DRUGS.

Now I would never have believed this part myself when I heard it if I wouldn’t of actually KNOWN some folks that seen it with their own eyes. And I’ve been in enough places in my life to know stuff like this is POSSIBLE, maybe. Anyhow, I’ll be damned if I can figure out a better explanation.

Well, seems that the shadow government figured out that people LIKED getting a buzz, seemed to be kind of a NATURAL thing. So at first they figured it would be a real good way to control all the folks that RELIGION didn’t work on. And it was easy too, all they had to do was make the drugs AVAILABLE, and folks just fall all over themselves to get hold of the stuff. The shadow government makes a ton of money from all the buyin’ and selling, and I guess it seemed to them like it kept most folks high, happy and stupid enough to keep control of for the most part. So they just went on doing what they were doing because of all that money comin’ in and all that control it gave ’em, even tho they discovered a great big problem. An enigma, really. One of those things that totally messes up your whole THING. The dilemma, the thing they didn’t figure on ’til it was too late, is that all those drugs don’t always behave just the way you want them to for maximum anesthetic value.

Stuff like alcohol’s easy. Most folks like it, keeps ’em stupid, easy to manuver. Gives the cops something to do. Brings in lots of money. So they made that “legal”.

Well, they thought pot would keep folks tranquil and easy to handle at first, but then they found out it tended to make folks a little TOO smart and the people who smoked it started figuring out that there was something goin’ on that wasn’t quite right. But it brought in so much money that they decided to keep it around but declare it “illegal”, and use the media to make people who use it appear like fried eggs.

And LSD, it made people WAY too smart and they began to actually SEE some of the secrets that the shadow government was trying so hard to hide from everybody. They began to understand how it all worked and even discovered who some of the shadow government people really were. It became quite dangerous to the cause and a threat to national security, but it brought in so much money that they just labeled everybody who did THAT as “psychotic” so no one would take them seriously.

And then there’s what they call “opiates”, made outta poppies somehow or another. That’s what put Dorothy and Toto and all their friends to sleep in the Wizard of OZ on the way to the Emerald city. The shadow government started using opiates more and more as the ultimate in a human manipulation substance. They make a FORTUNE on opiates, so even tho folks who use them usually end up on foodstamps, at least they are very docile and they don’t question anything.

But the drug that very nearly ruined the whole thing was METH. Ended up being sort of like the JOKER in a card game. Wild card. Oh, they thought they could use it to get things done quick. Good things, bad things, didn’t matter. You just had to figure into the equasion that it’s like revving an engine up too fast for too long, and THOSE playin’ pieces would burn up quicker than most, so you had to use ’em fast. But there’s one thing they didn’t figure on. Now I’m gonna say this, and like I said, I KNOW people who KNOW, but I’m still having a hard time believin’ it myself.

Well, folks I know discovered that if they took ENOUGH meth for a long enough time, they could live in the SPIRIT WORLD, and if they did LOTS of meth, they could stay there indefinately. I guess the spirit world is really a pretty scary place so I don’t understand why, but alot of those folks started tryin’ to stay in the spirit world ALL THE TIME so they could have plenty of time to study it and FIGURE OUT what was really going on.

Now it gets wierd. It turns out that there are lots of spirit beings living in the spirit world and those spirit beings told everybody they came in contact with that they work hand in hand with either god or the devil, depending, and there is no way to know which at any given time ’cause they’re so unpredictable. They also work for the FBI. Well, the FBI is pretty damn closely connected to those shadow government folks too. They’re all in cahoots together. Scratch each others backs and all. So, those darned spirit beings just simply let the cat right out of the bag and told everything. Luckily most of the meth users were going too fast to get it. And the cops were so busy trying to deal with all those whacked out meth heads that they never believed any of it, even tho it was plain as the nose on their faces. Just think what might have happened if they would have caught on!

Well, believe it or not, those spirit beings are called “shadow people” by those in the know. And it turns out that the shadow people are there SPECIFICALLY to help the shadow government do its evil hidden work. Sort of like Santa’s elves only different.

Now, meth was created for some very specific reasons, and the people “in charge” were told not to use it unless there was an emergency and to keep it secret. But Meth, by it’s very nature, causes people to not be able to keep secrets very well. Matter of fact, it’s like a damn truth sirum. And it kind of gets under a fellas skin. Makes ’em feel POWERFUL, and extra smart. Makes him feel like a god or something. I dunno. Anyhow, pretty soon the people figured out how to MAKE meth for themselves, and decided to go against the wishes of the shadow government, because they felt like it wouldn’t hurt anything. The shadow government began to lose control over the monster they had created, their workers out in plain sight, not hiding any more, but actually hanging around keeping the meth heads busy doing many useless things for days, and giving away all their secrets. So, the shadow government has had their hands full ever since, trying to figure out how to fix what they screwed up. And that was one doozy of a screwup. It’s just like cockroaches, they created the damn things and now they can’t get rid of ’em.

So, now there’s just too many people out there that have a clue that there might be some kind-a CONSPIRACY goin’ on. Oh, there is alot of suspicion in one direction or another. Some folks actually got it figured out, but they don’t dare to say much for fear someone will think they’re crazy. Actually they even wrote a book about it a long time ago, but so many people disagreed on how to write it that alot of the stories were left out and the end’s kind of sketchy, so they still have plenty of time to fix things.

I heard that they have a big plan to get the game back on track. It sounds like it might work. First thing they have to do is finish getting rid of all that damn meth so they can get the shadow people back under control. Out of sight out of mind so to speak. And being as how they’re all just drug addicts anyhow, nobody’ll take ’em seriously, right? The other part of the plan has something to do with why they’re so damn interested in keepin’ religion out of the court house and the schools, making church goin’ folks look like superstitious nutjobs, obsessing over if there’s a difference between evolution and creationism or not, and at the same time preachin’ that everything that happens, good or bad, is “gods will”… Confuse ’em good. That’s part of the plan.


Yea, I hear that’s the other big thing. That’s how they operate. That’s how they keep things moving and shaking. It’s how they keep the game interesting. Confuse everybody. Confuse ’em in a million different ways. Make it where nothing makes any sense. (I bet that’s how they can keep on running their drug business and still have ’em be “illegal”.) I guess confusing folks has always been the main plan for covering their asses, ever since the shadow government first started. I remember hearing that a LONG time ago, way back in shadow government history, there was a story about knocking down some tower in someplace called Babylon, but I think what they really meant was figuring out a way to shut down somebody who knew too much by confusing the heck out of them and making them look stupid…. If you were in the military you’d probably call it “good strategy”. ‘Cause if you can keep folks totally confused, you can hide things right in front of ’em and they don’t know what they’re lookin’ at. Makes it easier to work when you’re part of a secret society.

You know, I’m almost starting to become a believer, the more I think about it and the more I hear all these secret rumors in the dark. Even the really crazy sounding ones. ‘Cause rumor or not, it’s the only explaination that makes a whole lot of sense, actually.

The only trouble with whispered rumors is sometimes folks only get part of the story and it makes it sort of hard to follow. So, I’m gonna tell this one more to the best of my understanding before I quit, and I can’t say as to whether all of it’s true or not. But I think I got the main gist of it.

Seems it’s got something to do with the fact that when it gets right down to it, the folks in the shadow government aren’t really so much different from you and me, which means they sometimes don’t agree on everything. And hard as they’ve tried to get along all this time, there ended up being two different groups who just couldn’t see eye to eye no matter what, and they spent a great deal of time disagreeing about just about everything. Total opposites, matter of fact. Well, I guess they must have spent an awful long time trying to figure out how to get along at all, and I guess they learned a thing or two. So, if I understand it right, to begin with they worked real hard to get all us crazy, superstitious humans focused on RELIGION as our main superstition, so that we’d all be easier to control. Remember I said they used drugs on folks that religion didn’t work on? Well, they tried just using religion and superstition and such, figuring it was all about the same thing anyhow. And it worked for a really long time. People just went on about their business, doin’ their jobs and going to church, and if there was some issue or problem in the shadow government, they could just use religion to cover it up. Folks just figured it was GOD or the DEVIL doin’ the dirty work, and didn’t question it any more. Real handy cover, and I figure those shadow government folks really liked the idea of being worshipped… In fact it was such good cover that nobody figured it out for a really long time. Most folks still haven’t. Even when it became obvious that there was more than one religion, it still worked, ’cause the feud going on between the two different factions of the shadow government made it all look perfectly natural. Yea, it worked great. Total confusion, lots of opportunity for humiliation and a great way to get all those playing pieces jumpin’ all over the place…

And then of course drugs came along and messed things all up. And about the time folks decided to mix drugs and religion, the secret very nearly got out and it’s been a constant aggrivation for the shadow government ever since. Because if everybody really figured out their little dark, nasty secret, they’d lose all their control, all bets would be off, and they’d probably lose ALL their money too, ’cause there’d be HELL to pay.

So, as unbelievable as all this sounds, I’d bet all MY money that it’s a story that’s pretty darned close to being accurate. And if it is, then it’s a REALLY BIG DEAL! All this top secret information could be a super duper, major life changing, earth shattering thing, and it’s required an awful lot of serious thought on my part. It seems like there’s something pretty sinister going on, and it looks as if it’s impossible to escape, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. I’m not gonna give any advice on the subject, ’cause I don’t want to be humiliated myself. But as far as what effect this story will have on ME, well, personally I don’t care WHAT they want to call themselves, or WHO works for them, or how damn much money and power they have. I don’t care if they’re layin’ bets or feudin’ and divided right down the middle, good and bad. And I don’t care how bad they don’t want any body to catch on to who they REALLY are. Far as I can see, it doesn’t matter WHO they are, ’cause they all sleep in the same bed anyhow. The most important thing is just knowing they exist and that they’re NOT your friends! Yup, I’d rather KNOW who my enemy is, and I’d rather not be controlled by anybody but myself, thank you very much. So, after much thought on the subject, I’ve decided. I’m gonna stay the heck AWAY from church…

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They Could Be Watching…

Surveillance cameras everywhere! On the street, in the stores, just about anywhere you go in town, someone is watching. With all the rising crime in the world, this is quite understandable. And then there are the private homes fitted with hidden security cameras. Most of those are honest folks trying to keep from being robbed, but some of them are drug dealers watching for the cops or the drug thieves. Everyone is trying to use the new technology to protect themselves. Good. But there is another type of surveillance camera on the market. One that most people would not even think of. One that any good old boy/redneck bubba with the hankering to spy can easily afford and operate. They are only a hundred bucks and they operate on batteries, and they can be used ANYWHERE.
These little beauties are marketed as GAME surveillance cameras for hunters to keep tabs on their prey. What is so bad about this, you might ask? Well, I live WAY OUT IN THE STICKS, in a place where you would assume that you could escape the constant all seeing eye. I like to hike in the woods, pick flowers and apples, sun bathe nude out on the back 40 on a hot day. The peace and quiet and privacy is why I live here. But , a few weeks ago, my neighbor stopped by to inform me that he had some GREAT pictures of me (taken 2 miles up a dead end road on an abandoned farm where nobody ever goes!) Well, thats nice… And I suppose he got a real good one of me taking a leak too!
I was just appalled! I never even thought of such a thing! I feel violated. Those game cameras could be hidden ANYWHERE. I never saw it then, but now, every time I go outside, I get just a little paranoid, and glance around at the surroundings before I do whatever I do. I have even been known to search the trees around my house for hidden cameras. After all, it would be so easy to just hide one outside someones window…
I live 15 miles from the nearest town, and 2 miles from the nearest paved road, and you would think that being watched by big brother would be the farthest thing from my mind, but I didnt count on having to worry about being spied on by big brothers little hillbilly brother too. Oh well, maybe I will just go out and buy a couple myself, and use them to spy on the local drug dealers and State cops…

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