Border “Security” Causes Local Feed Shortages

Area farmers might get a bad surprise the next time they go to the feed store to buy feed for their livestock. With all the “new and improved” border security between the United States and Canada, some shipments of feed are being held up for as long as 3 weeks at a time. Which means that the local feed stores, particularly Southern States as of yesterday, are finding it difficult to impossible to stock enough various necessary animal feeds. The realities of Bush’s border security ideas may mean that some of your livestock will end up going hungry this winter while you are either forced to hurriedly purchase nonexistent hay for upwards of $3.00 to $6.00 a bale, or quickly sell off your animals for a big loss. The dry spell during last summer caused there to be a shortage of hay, and a quick scan of the Trading Post or the Market Bulletin will show that there is very little hay to be had without going to Ohio… One would imagine that they are capitalizing on the situation because they too experienced the drought of ’07.
This could be one more nail in the coffin of the “small farmer” in West Virginia, already pushed to the back burner by large agri-buiz farms owned by corporations from out of country.

I watched family farms, as a child, go belly up one by one because of lower market value of their products and always higher cost for necessities to run those farms. Those who went to the bank to satisfy their needs ended up selling their souls to a system that took them even farther down the tubes. Only the very creative and alternative thinking farmers have been able to stay afloat along with their debt ridden counterparts. On my dad’s dairy farm, we could not afford to raise our own meat, or make our own butter, or barely even drink our own milk because everything we had needed to be sold to make ends meet. And then we could not afford to buy these things at the store either. I can only imagine that it must be even harder now. Farming for a small farmer has become an expensive hobby at best unless they can figure out ways of getting around the many usual expenses.

So, it begins? The prices on staple foods at the grocery store go steadily up. The jobs go steadily bye-bye. The price of gas goes up. Supplies begin to run low due to border security. The roads fall apart and the taxes go up. People loose their jobs and can’t pay the taxes or the price of gas. Mortgages go past due. The banks own more and more of our homes and possessions. Everybody’s trying to sell their land and homes, but nobody’s buying because everybody is in the same boat. King Coal and our government “leaders” run roughshod over the citizens  of West Virginia, using the buddy system, while trying to scare everyone with words like “unemployment” so they won’t protest the state being sold out and destroyed by them in their hurry to grab the goods and run. Many of  the so-called financial experts are saying we are getting ready to have a depression that makes the first one look like a long holiday.

Revolution anyone?

…Viva La rEVOLution ! noituLOVEr aL aviV…
Now might be a good time to learn some survival skills and find some alternative transportation. Form alliances with your neighbors…
Grow a big garden, and like a repeat of the late 60’s-early 70’s, get “back to the land.”