Police State Officially Comes To Calhoun County WV

You would never think that a quiet and rural little place like Calhoun County West Virginia, with a population of barely 7000 and a County Seat with only one flashing red light at the main intersection, would end up being the target of a massive State Police exercise. But that is exactly what happened when at least 16 marked State Police cars with an undisclosed number of officers, and possibly more than one helicopter descended upon what is one of the poorest counties in the United States, to do a “sweep” of the entire county.  The residents of Calhoun County are, as usual when it comes to anything State Police related, left in the dark as to what or why, as it is standard procedure in these parts for “Freedom of Information Requests” to be denied. Many residents found it quite disturbing that such a large group of State Police appeared at the Calhoun County barracks that morning without any warning or explanation. A lot of the smaller counties in West Virginia only have two or three police cruisers at their disposal. It stands to reason that no county sent ALL their units, so it would follow that this gathering of State Troopers represented  a sizable chunk of this part of the state.

Granted there is quite an assortment of unsolved crimes in this little county.  Everything from a missing dead body to an unsolved bank robbery, plus miscellaneous stolen items which had yet to be retrieved. There is an epidemic of prescription drug use, and, according to more then one State Trooper, drugs are being sold out of every other mobile home. These things certainly seem to make a plausible excuse on the surface. Except for one detail. After a full day of  flooding the entire county with State Police from other counties and “searching” everywhere, no report of the results of these searches are forthcoming. No news of arrests, pot busts, stolen four wheelers recovered, no “official statements” to the media other than the words “marijuana eradication” being used. There was no other explanation of any kind, nothing. It would seem that their “marijuana eradication” efforts were a total failure.

Taking into account that, according to Calhoun County’s Trooper Starsick, the State Police coffers contained some unspent grant money, and adding in the actual lack of stated results in this county wide sweep, along with more than one eye witness account of the action, and the basic secrecy of the mission (even some county officials were in the dark), a much more sinister picture begins to take form. It would seem to anyone with eyes that  what is and has been happening all along is that Calhoun County is being USED as a practice ground for police state type exercises.

We actually had the privilege of seeing some of the action first hand.

The helicopter arrived suddenly, obviously having a definite destination from the outset. It hovered and flew in circles at a disturbingly low height over the hayfield and small cow pasture for around a half hour, as well as buzzing the house several times. They were obviously looking at something very specific in the field. Then just as suddenly, two police cruisers and a Dept. of Natural Resources Jeep pulling a trailer with four wheeler aboard arrived and pulled down onto our property and our neighbor’s private driveway. This type of maneuver is generally left to the big busts, and we began to assume that they had perhaps spotted someone’s pot patch back on the neighbors ridge. But we were mistaken.

Instead, they opened the gate to our hayfield, drove in, opened the gate to the cow pasture (which could be seen in it’s entirety from the road, by the way), and all boots hit the ground. Apparently at least 2 officers walked around the small field accompanied at times by the curious and frightened milk cow. After approximately a half hour, during which time  it appeared as if the helicopter pilot was looking for a way unsuccessfully to land in the field, the troopers simply got back into their vehicles and left as quickly as they came, leaving the gate open for the cow to get into the cornfield.

First of all and the most obvious indicator that this was not a drug eradication effort, the police were not on the property long enough to be actually searching for anything. Secondly, standard procedure dictates that if there had actually been anything there that they were looking for, the helicopter pilot would have seen it and called the ground units in at that time. We regularly have been targeted by “pot choppers” searching for illegal crops on a semi-annual basis for the past 25 years (sometimes they use military choppers with gunners and fly low enough to make sure everyone sees them, for intimidation purposes I suppose), and for a fact, if they do not spot anything they do NOT call in the troops. So this was a very unconventional maneuver to say the least. And at face value, one with no point what-so-ever. In a normal visit from the police, if they possess no search warrant, they ask for permission to search in a specific place for a specific thing. If they DO have a warrant, they present it. But not one officer spoke to anyone. They just created a big show of force on private property, then left. Reports from other witnesses in other areas of the county are similar.

A little history is in order. This county has been plagued with law enforcement corruption for years. And the State Police in Calhoun County work hand in hand with the State Police from neighboring Roane County regularly, so these problems extend well past the Calhoun County boundaries. Locally we’ve seen everything from the documented crime of a home confinement officer arrested for sexual abuse, to thousands of dollars worth of guns, drugs, and money coming up missing from the evidence lockers. There are documented cases of State Troopers lying on the witness stand. We’ve had several prosecuting attorneys resign because of a poor working relationship with the State Police. Media personnel has suffered a multitude of problems as well, such as being harassed, intimidated, stonewalled, arrested, and even had their camera confiscated for filming in a public location. Off the record information obtained from various whistle blowers within the legal system and the Police Department in both Roane and Calhoun Counties points to quite a bit of undocumented corruption as well, including State Police attempts at framing individuals for things they didn’t do and conspiracies to fraudulently replace missing evidence with random evidence in certain cases. Search warrants have been obtained using false evidence. People’s homes ransacked, personal property destroyed and pain pills stolen. Swat teams are called in to handle (and in one instance kill) mental patients. Some people have become targets and are harassed and jailed continuously on charges that are ultimately dropped for lack of evidence. And with no outside oversight, the State Police in these rural areas, along with help from a few “rubber-stamping” magistrates, have become astoundingly similar to high powered crime syndicates.

We read in the news on a daily basis all manner of horror stories related to the severity and growth of the police state in America. So it stands to reason that organizations like the West Virginia State Police, no longer working for the state as in the past, but now working for the Department of Homeland Security, would choose to use some of the smallest and poorest (and therefore weakest) areas for their TRAINING EXERCISES. Using “certain” predetermined individuals as targets over and over again for their practice runs.

I feel sure that we will be seeing more and more of these massive police maneuvers in the more rural and less wealthy areas all over the country in the near future. Perhaps coming to a town near you.

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Long awaited update – July 19 2010

This is all going into the archives and anything new in the future will be posted on the “Lostincalhouncounty” site.

It is time to speak the truth and turn the page.

Times are very weird.

State Trooper Hunt has voluntarily transferred out of county even tho it adds many miles and commute time to his drive to work each day.

Our infamous State Trooper, Doug Starcher has been REMOVED from this area by his superiors. NOT because of his years of past shenanigans involving the citizens, but because as his time for retirement draws near, he decided to become what we lovingly refer to as a “whistleblower”.

After lengthy conversations with Starcher, as well as hours of conversation with attorneys Teresa Monk and Rocky Holmes (who eventually took a pay cut to fill the vacant prosecuting attorney slot in Calhoun County), speculation about the nature of things in these parts has been verified. Other conversations with certain folks in positions to know have furnished a great many other pieces to the puzzle. I will simply list what we have been told in these conversations without any fanfare or additions or opinions.

It seems we have gone thru so many prosecuting attorneys in the past few years in Calhoun County (Tony Morgan, Matt Minney, Shelly Demarino) due to their not being able to deal with the State Police and the corruption thereof. Shelly D. bailed after being thoroughly chewed out to the point of fear and tears by Troopers Starcher and Starsick.

It has been verified that missing evidence which caused such a stir in the past was not only made to go missing on purpose, but certain troopers deemed it proper to conspire to REPLACE missing evidence with random goods taken from OTHER places. “Missing” evidence was sold on the streets of South Charleston.

It was verified that certain individuals were made into TARGETS by Trooper Fred Hammack of Roane County, police in Roane County were most likely TAINTED by Trooper Hammack all the way down to the town officers of Spencer, and plans were being laid to FRAME the innocent individual(s) in question, in order to cover for the lies he told.

Once these plans surfaced and could no longer be covered up, every effort has been made to sweep this situation under the rug.

We have been informed that Trooper Hammack can not be trusted at all, is to be considered dangerous, and could very well apprehend certain individuals and “take them out in the dingweeds and shoot them in the head, or plant something on them in order to arrest them.”

We were informed that there is a possibility that an individual whose name has been in the news lately due to having been shot by Seth Denmark, MAY have been shot due to things (lies) that Trooper Hammack said to “Denmark” in the course of an “investigation”. Also we were told that there is every effort to see said individual behind bars in order to put him in harms way, near the “Denmarks”, who apparently plotted to kill him. This has been proven to be true, as Trooper Hammack eventually filed an arrest warrant for said individual based on a claim that he had SEEN the individual driving on a suspended license, altho he was never pulled over at that time… Then had the audacity to tell other officers he “did not want to see the boy go to jail”.

The driving on suspended was later proven to be a mistake, at least in Calhoun County, where charges were dismissed. This is the same trooper who insisted on another occasion that he had seen this same individual driving in a certain place and time and was caught red handed lying about it at THAT time.

“Denmark” is not their REAL last name. Nobody seems to know how they got their fake identity. All solid evidence verifies there had been a body in the grave that investigators dug up. Everything was found that was needed to make that determination, EXCEPT the body. And no body, no murder charge. The feeling is that the body may be hidden under an extremely thick cement floor of the new carport on the “Denmark” property.

We are told that due to the circumstances and nature of events spread out over time that there is definately grounds for a huge lawsuit, which seems to be a reasonable option.

And of course nobody wants all this information brought to light.

But the Calhoun Underground staff feels that the citizens have been in the dark far too long, the State Police policy of “no statement” is simply wrong, the good old boy buddy system in the Spencer courtroom is simply corrupt and unacceptable, and it’s high time something was done about it. Openness and truth are the words of the day.

Not one bit of this information is speculation unless it is on the part of the officials themselves. So, now you know


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Deputies rescue men from water

Just a sweet reminder for our friends in uniform. THIS is how it’s supposed to work:

Roane sheriff’s deputies rescued two men in a pickup caught in high water Friday night.

Deputies Mike King and Matthew “Bo” Williams waded into waist-deep water to free the men from the truck after it stalled in water along Front Street and began floating downstream.

Police were called to assist around 7 p.m., after water from a day of rain and melting snow forced the creek over the street.

Sgt. John Caldwell of the Spencer Police Dept. said the deputies risked their own safety to rescue the men.

Caldwell said the two men, identified as Shane Burgess and Mike Godbey, came down George Street and apparently did not see signs put up to warn motorists of high water on Front Street.

He said the red Ford pickup truck Burgess was driving stalled in the high water near a new bridge under construction.

“One of the neighbors saw the truck with the men in it going down the creek and reported it,” Caldwell said.

Early reports led officers to believe there may have been a child in the truck, but that turned out to be incorrect.

Caldwell said the truck was almost to the footbridge behind Spencer Middle School when officers arrived.

Caldwell and Lt. Roger Simons arrived in time to witness the rescue.

King said he and Williams were looking for the vehicle in the dark when they pulled up behind the middle school.

“We couldn’t see the truck at first,” he said. “As we turned around, my headlights hit it and we could see it out in the water.”

King said he and Williams used the footbridge to cross the water.

He said the passenger, Godbey, was intoxicated and refused to get out of the truck, even as the water climbed up to the level of the truck’s seat.

He said the driver could not get out on his side because the water was too deep.

He said the truck was being carried downstream as the officers tried to get the passenger to climb out on his own.

“We were worried once the truck hit the bridge it would spin around and go into deeper water,” King said.

King and Williams waded out into the water and pulled the passenger out, which allowed the driver to jump out on his own.

Caldwell praised his fellow officers for the high water rescue.

“They did a real good job,” he said.

King said the passenger could have been charged with intoxication, but that would have meant the officers would have had to take him across the creek.

“He should have been arrested,” King said, “but we would have had to wade across the water with him and we didn’t want to take the chance.”

King said the driver promised to take the man to a friend’s house to let him sober up.

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10 Most Successful Potheads on the Planet

Just so nobody thinks I have left the planet myself, here is something to chew on this morning.

All you anti-pot “it will ruin your life” people, read it and weep.

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George Carlin on Climate Change

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