SOS, Save WV from the Marijuana Tyrants!

The wicked witch is dead. There can no longer be a witch hunt in regards to the use of marijuana. We are now allowed to talk about it without being laughed at.

The rules are gradually changing, people are finally finding it is more socially acceptable to  be open minded in regards to – A PLANT. At least in some states. If Obama has done nothing else positive, his declaration that the feds should leave those states alone that voted FOR medical marijuana could be one of the sanest things any president has done in decades.

Unfortunately, there are other states, namely this one, whose majority of actual voters still think that marijuana leads to rape, murder, and insanity, just like in the movie “Reefer Madness”.

Here in the hills of West Virginia, the “evil weed” is still thought to be a thing that only dirty treehugging  hippies and “wetback trash” partake of, and the people who would rather ignore the illegality of a natural plant which harms no one are treated as the worst type of criminals. Test positive for marijuana and you may as well have the plague.

Law enforcement does much to continue this ignorance by treating suspected marijuana users as if they were as bad as murderers.

The end result is completely insane.

For starters, we have the infamy of being one of the tiniest and most rural counties to have actual MARIJUANA MURDERS.

Of course it was only by mistake that the media reported on the connection between the murders and marijuana, obvious because every news outlet had a different story and most said nothing about marijuana being involved at all. Word on the street here at home, however, has it that there was a HUGE grow room found at the murder scene. And it seemed strange that the police were so close mouthed about that fact. Especially after they had their suspect in custody. Persons on the “inside” at CRJ have made themselves familiar with the murder suspect and seem certain that they in fact have the right guy.

So case closed, right? WRONG. There seems to be a reason the issue of marijuana was left out of this equation. Because the investigation is FAR FROM OVER, and the element of surprise is key. Classic cops and robbers scenario.

It is now the mission of certain State Police to scare, intimidate, and threaten individuals known to have associated with the murder victims, in order to attempt to discover who their dead friends had been selling their drugs to!

Now, we could be all wrong, but after having spoken with someone who was questioned by Trooper Hammack recently, and thought about their story, it seems the mission is to connect more marijuana users with these bastardized murdered folks in any way possible. No holds barred. It would also seem that certain troopers are  in cahoots with the MANAGER AT WALMART.

After reviewing the individuals story for several days, I can only conclude that: the normal store policy for dealing with a shoplifter, especially someone who MAY have placed something SMALL in their purse, would be to be stopped and questioned by store security and MAYBE a town officer would be called in to clear it up. I suspect the alleged shoplifter would be given the opportunity to know what it is that they are being accused of taking as well. I highly doubt that a STATE POLICE OFFICER would be called and sitting in a back room waiting for someone to stop them at the door and bring them to him for questioning. And once having been brought to the rear of the store and into the detention of Mr. State Trooper, the subject of any shoplifted object becomes secondary to the grilling and eventual racial insults (wetback trash) included in this “investigation” into the murky and sinful dark side that is the EVIL MARIJUANA.

Now, investigations into the black market pill trade and other deadly drugs are completely understandable if not totally useless. We seem to have lost yet ANOTHER one of many. And we can be sure that behind the scenes those same police officers are secretly saying things like, “Good, one less druggie we have to worry about”…

Yes, they are dying like flies, and the “lucky” ones who end up in jail going thru withdrawals and having their lives ruined are talked about like dogs too. “Worthless pieces of shit”…

Even if the officer has immediate family members in harms way over bad drugs the opinion seems to be, “Good. I hope they stay in jail for a long time”. I’ve honestly come to the conclusion that most officers in this area are no longer human.

But back to the marijuana issue.

We have a dear friend in the hospital. Most everyone knows Pippin Crihfield. The town drunk. The “Otis” of Roane County. Drunk, yes, but you could not ask for a more polite or thoughtful gentleman. Basically laying in bed dying in a hospital in Lexington from liver failure. He WAS on the transplant list and waiting for a possible miracle. Until the doctors found out that he SMOKED POT. Irregardless of anything else, it is assumed that if he can not live by “societies rules”, then they can not trust him to live by doctors rules…

A virtual death sentence due to the consumption of marijuana.

While 13 other states would easily  have him on LEGAL perscription medical marijuana…

And nearly ALL of the reports of pot busts in this state are flooded with comments from people who feel the pot laws are ridiculous. So, what “societies rules” is it we are speaking of anyhow???

So, we take away as much as we can possibly take from those who use marijuana. We use marijuana law as a way to give our police officers free reign to behave any way they wish. The witch hunt continues in SOME places, unabated. One would think that perhaps with all the real information out there these days regarding marijuana and the other far more dangerous drugs, combined with the new legal status for medical marijuana, that perhaps the problem here in these backwards places IS illiteracy after all…

I should think if some semblance of intelligent balance were restored to this madness, we would see an huge increase in DOCTORS going to jail for pushing unnecessary drugs to sketchy folks, and pot users raise out of the ranks of scum suckers to their rightful place of just anybodies next door neighbor, with pot “offences” being treated more like jay walking than rape or murder. And those cowboy SWAT wanna-be’s can be knocked down a peg or two. After all, most if not all of those cops have “tried” pot at some point, whether they admit it or not, and I’m sure they DID inhale. And it wasn’t any big deal.

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How Does WV Rate for Police Misconduct?


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Are Our Local Officials Oath Keepers?

Some of you may have heard of a new “organization” called Oath Keepers. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about them. There is much effort to portray them as “radical rightwing ” individuals with an evil agenda to overthrow the government. The same philosophy that sees the word “patriot” as a terrorist threat. But what is an “Oath Keeper”, really?

When most of our officials including police officers are sworn in they must TAKE AN OATH.


n. pl. oaths


a. A solemn, formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge, often calling on God, a god, or a sacred object as witness.
b. The words or formula of such a declaration or promise.
c. Something declared or promised.
This particular oath that they take is to uphold and obey the constitution of the United States. Now, once someone takes this kind of oath, one would think that it must be followed. Thus – Oath Keepers. Strange that a group of people who have made a promise must now declare they are going to keep it, after having already placed right hand on Bible and all, swearing to uphold the Constitution, and then to be seen as somehow not right in the head for doing so….
Anyhow, that oath they take means they MUST, BY LAW, follow the constitution as written to the best of their abilities.
While the “Oath Keepers” are focused at the moment on keeping us free from tyranny in general, lets look at one small facet that seems to effect far too many of us far too often.

Fourth Amendment – Search and Seizure

Amendment Text

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Probable Cause – “a reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime“.

“a reasonable amount of suspicion, supported by circumstances sufficiently strong to justify a prudent and cautious person’s belief that certain facts are probably true”.

What IS reasonable? I suppose that could be left up to interpretation and opinion. THAT is the loophole. I had a short lesson recently from a very good teacher who is a State Trooper. The gist of this lesson was that ANYTHING AT ALL can be used as probable cause if they wish to perform a search. A tiny dried out grass clipping from the lawn in the wrong place could give an officer “probable cause” to search for drugs, because it “looks like marijuana”. Or a fleck of cigarette ash could be used as probable cause to search if the supposed “crime” includes ANYTHING that could end up looking remotely like those ashes…

Are these the signs of an oath keeper? NO. An oath keeper is NOT someone who can bend and manipulate the rules to suit their situation.

The “Probable Cause” rule is there for a REASON. If it were REALLY that easy to find probable cause for a search, then it would not be listed in the Constitution as a protection.

“Reasonable suspicion”. Does this mean that if a police officer happens to have known someone for years and years, and they are pretty sure you would probably have something illegal in your possession if they could just get a search warrant somehow, that they have free reign to invent, manipulate, or otherwise fabricate “evidence” in order to meet the standards for probable cause? NO! This is totally unprofessional behavior. Anyone practicing their profession using these tactics is BREAKING their oath to uphold the constitution.



    1. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
    2. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
  1. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

I would assume that taking an oath to uphold something as important as the Constitution would be rather important to follow thru on, much like signing a contract, and acting in such a way as to circumnavigate the instructions of the Constitution would be a breaking of the contract and grounds for firing.

But I have never seen anyone be fired for not following the oath they took.

Which is exactly why these “Oath Keepers” have appeared on the scene. Now, how can being an Oath Keeper be a BAD thing?




Oath Keepers?

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