7-6-07 Run, Hide, the Terrorists Are Here!

Are we at war? Is the army coming? Have the terrorists arrived? Is there an escaped serial killer loose in the woods? What’s with the big scary helicopter, flying low, flying in circles, disturbing the peace all over the county, terrorizing our kids and our farm animals, robbing people of their privacy for part of an otherwise peaceful and uneventful evening? Folks, welcome to the world of police state surveillance. OK, this is just a WILD guess, but unless I’m all wet (and it’s not raining at the moment)I’d have to say that was a POT CHOPPER that just robbed us all of our privacy and peace of mind. Hunting the EVIL WEED. O-o-o-oh, boogymans!!!! We’re all gonna die!

So, how do all you regular everyday citizens of Calhoun County like being under the watchful eye of “Big Brother”? Because they weren’t just looking for herbal nasties while they were up there with their scopes, they were looking for anything at all. They have high powered binoculars and probably heat seeking gizmos too, designed just for spying on you and me. Heck, they can probably look right in your window and see you changing your clothes or getting out of the shower. Ain’t it grand? And the funny thing, just supposing somebody WAS growing something nature intended and government outlawed? Wouldn’t the very presence of these extremely intimidating machines (both mechanical AND human) be enough to send folks scurrying into the ding weeds to PULL up or cut down their despicable gardens before someone else does? (Thereby not eliminating much of anything)…

Back in 1984, the pot choppers flew hot and heavy in these parts. And for several years after. We’ve all had  experiences with these militaristic scare tactics before. And after talking it to death between literally hundreds of folks, we all came to the conclusion that MOSTLY these guys are just flying around trying to scare people and burning up taxpayers money in fuel and manpower, when in reality, they don’t generally find much of anything. It’s all just about show-of-force.

But do the citizens of this county really NEED or WANT to be watched so heavily from above? (I mean after all, you guys ain’t GOD or anything.) Because let’s face it, if they’re out to get you, it’s damn hard to hide from a helicopter. And if you are minding your own business and just having a nice peaceful barbecue, or you’re skinny dipping in a private farm pond somewhere, or having a bit of afternoon delight with your lady love out in some remote field, they’ll be right there looking. Don’t-cha feel special?

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