March on Washington

Calling all Activists! If you thought the 60’s were interesting, welcome to the 2008 presidential campaign.

There is revolution afoot. The powers that be have been slowly stealing our freedoms while we were not looking. But there is a revolution getting started, and it’s also been happening while nobody was looking. As our imprisonment and slavery has been sneaking up on us, so has this revolution been sneaking up on THEM.

This is now official and from the horses mouth. The details are being ironed out now. Calhoun Underground will update as this progresses.

Ron Paul Presidential Race and March on Washington

Ron Paul Interview with Alex Jones, Feb. 12th, on the March on Washington

Part 1

Part 2 

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Help, The Mainstream Media Swallowed Ron Paul!

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Connie Talk
Tuesday February 12, 2008

Yes, you read that correctly: the mainstream media has swallowed presidential candidate Ron Paul. He’s still in the presidential race, so everyone needs to calm down…but if you judged by the news headlines from the mass media, that is definitely not the impression you would get. When he’s mentioned at all – which is rarely, compared to all of his competitors – the titles range from “With Losses Mounting, Paul Downsizes Campaign,” to “Ron Paul Has Left The Building.”

Luckily, they didn’t fool us then; and they certainly don’t fool us now.

First of all, here are some solid post-Super Tuesday facts:

* Ron Paul is projected as the 2nd place winner in Alaska (98% reporting), 5% behind Huckabee and 1% ahead of John McCain
* Ron Paul is 1st place in Montana, whose results are 100% in (Romney would have beat him at 38% but has dropped out of the race) at 25%, with John McCain at 22% and Mike Huckabee at 15%
* Ron Paul is currently tied for 1st place with John McCain at 13% in Nevada (with 39 precincts left to report)
* Ron Paul is 2nd place in North Dakota whose results are 100% in (Romney had 36%), with John McCain first at 23% and Mike Huckabee last at 20%
* It is still unclear whether Ron Paul won in Louisiana, and what the final results are for Maine McCain is at 21% and Paul at 18% (Huckabee just 6%), but >4% of precincts haven’t reported yet, which could put Paul over the top).
* Ron Paul’s Congressional home state Texas has not held their primaries yet; nor has the key state of Ohio; nor has the state he is from, Pennsylvania (PA’s are not until April 2008)
* There are 22 more states or US territories left to go.

Well, gee, but none of that is in the MSM, is it? They’ve showed clear bias towards the Democratic party this year, and to the liberally conservative John McCain. Sure, the media favored Romney for a while as well, but he was just a casualty in the overall scheme. It’s been stated repeatedly that Paul and Huckabee were “not serious contenders” from the very beginning, if that makes any sense. If all of this seems a little bit confusing, you must have missed our article on Congressman Ron Paul yesterday. Let’s catch you up.

Who would stand to profit if candidates offering corporate tax reductions got elected?

Who would stand to lose if companies were forced to minimize cheap-labor overseas manufacturing, namely in China, which Huckabee and Paul both strongly address?

Whom are the companies sponsoring that are doing the censoring?

Who would lose if the Federal Reserve was made to stop us from printing and spending what we don’t have; if the IRS was eliminated, even?

Who does not want you to hear a word of what Ron Paul has to say?


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