Breaking News – Update On Calhoun County Power Line Rally

Plans for the musical/educational rally against proposed high voltage power lines, scheduled for October 17th at the Arnoldsburg Community Building, are being finalized. Starting at 7:00pm, live bluegrass music featuring Calhoun County’s John Truman will be provided. Representatives from the WV Sierra Club and the Concerned Citizen’s Coalition from Roane County will be there to speak and answer questions. Also, representatives from CAP (Citizens Against PATH) in Tucker County will do a power point presentation.  The evening will finish up with some good live local rock music. Something for everyone, the entire event is FREE to the public.

The proposed power lines are slated to run thru West Virginia, and of particular interest, thru Roane, CALHOUN, and Gilmer Counties. Along with these lines, WV is also expected to be future home to several more coal-to-electric plants like John Amos, and approximately 27000 more acres of proposed mountaintop removal. The majority of extra electric power goes to big cities up north…

Come to the rally for good entertainment, get educated about the issues regarding the power lines, learn what others are doing. Lets set a new precedent. Let our officials know we want to support GREEN and renewable energy, not more of the same. See you there.


Check out THIS for more power line info.